AOL attempts to claw back UK market with new mobile portal home

aol-logo.jpgMost of our readers can remember the day when AOL ruled the search engine kingdom, long before the days of Google. They’re attempting to claw back some of their UK readers, by launching AOL mobile, a mobile internet portal which visually optimises content for handsets.

The new portal shows content using ‘dynamic mobile transcoding technology’, giving you access to ‘web surf’…

Carlsberg-backed Tuborg beer opens music social-networking site

tuborgbeer.jpg Stop salivating over that little .jpeg of the Tuborg beer on the left there, it’s not even 11am. You have to wait another hour before you can start fantasising over beer. After all, it’s only Tuesday.

Apparently the Carlsberg-owned beer brand Turborg has just launched a music-based networking portal which may just give MySpace a run for its money. Targeting 18-25 year olds, the site gives users information about bands touring around the UK, and even reviews written by some of the best music journalists in the industry….