Become a renowned photography expert thanks to the Universal Photo Timer


The Universal Photo Timer definitely lives up to its universal tag. You can set it up to be triggered by motion, like the clever person who took that fancy droplet splosh photo to the left there did, by aiming the trigger sight at the area and letting it automatically take a photo when it senses movement.

Or, if you’re feeling arty AND dangerous, the thing can be set up to take photos via sound, so you may take pics of bullets going into watermelons if you’ve ever wondered what the insides of a watermelon look like. Or you can just have it take a shot when you tell it to, thanks to also having a simple wired remote…

BlackBerry Javelin: Picture and basic details leaked online


It’s tough being a BlackBerry fan. You just get over the excitement that the BlackBerry Bold can be yours on Orange and T-Mobile and then you discover leaked pictures of future BlackBerry devices.

Reports online suggest the BlackBerry Javelin is due out sometime next year, along with the Thunder. You can tell that the photograph is both leaked and official because it has the word “CONFIDENTIAL” stamped across it…

Terrorise tourists and amateur photographers with the "Image Fulgurator"

If you’re looking for a way of getting revenge on society without actually breaking any laws or getting yourself hurt, try this – it’s a way of projecting hidden text into other people’s photographs.

The “Image Fulgurator” uses a flash sensor to activate itself and beam your text onto walls, works of art and groups of innocent tourists at the exact moment someone’s shot is taken, so, hopefully, your target remains completely unaware you’ve just projected the word “tosspot” over the front of the Tate Modern.


Two large bottles of lager + Image Fulgurator…

Apple reveals 'Steve Jobs Air'

The new streamlined Steve Jobs Air comes in the smart casual denin jeans and sleek dark top we’ve come to know and love, but now – thanks to a rigorous low-carb diet – Apple’s new Steve Jobs Air weighs in around 15 pounds lighter!

Pictured below – the original bulky Steve Jobs 1.0 (left) and the slimmer Steve Jobs Air:


Sadly, this means the new Steve Jobs Air is incompatible with previous Steve Jobs version 1.0 accessories…

Parrot puts on airs with its Andrée Putman designed digital photo frame


Parrot’s been busy putting on airs recently, trying to shed its image of being a pocket-friendly company, with the launch of a new digital photo frame designed by French designer Andre Putman.

At £250, it’s a fair cry from Parrot’s usual offerings, yet the 7″ frame offers the standard fare, of Bluetooth connectivity plus an SD card slot for displaying photos, otherwise the internal memory can reportedly hold…