MWC 2009: Nokia Launching "Ovi Store" in May, its attempt at capturing your loyalty and money


You’re NOTHING in the tech world without your own, personalised, branded store through which you sell things to children without troublesome “retail” taking a slice of the cash.

That’s the realisation that has dawned within the corporate mind of Nokia, which has today announced its Ovi Store – an application based around “connecting content providers with consumers,” which, we think, means an easier way to flog Rihanna and Beyonce ring tones to the youth demographic…

MWC 2008: Nokia's N78 "multimedia community phone"

nokia%20n78.jpgCrikey. The multimedia bit seems to refer to the N78’s ability to let you spend money buying music from the Nokia Music Store, with the phone also packing an FM radio for all you MUSIC THIEVES out there.

The N78 also has a rather impressive 3.2megapixel camera with lenses and bits from global Lensmaster Carl Zeiss, plus it does Nokia Maps and lets you share stuff via Nokia’s online youth portal Ovi. And there’s the A-GPS system for managing to find your dad’s house first time, and also advanced features like geo-tagging your photos…