Nokia X6 Comes With Music phone hits the stores

In case you missed the news a few months back we were quite taken with the X6. It not only looks the dogs and boasts the now requisite 3.2inch touch screen, it also has 32 Gigabytes of storage on board, packs a five mega pixel camera and has 35 hours of music playing battery life. The phone also includes access to Nokia's Ovi – its equivalent of the iTunes app store – and is ready to sync with Facebook too via a Lifecasting with Ovi feature. This basically lets you publish your location and status updates directly to Facebook from the phone.

Can Nokia's very cool new X6 phone save Comes With Music?

More importantly Nokia failed to realise that the only way it could get smart kids to buy into a new and innovative service is that it needed to deliver a ground breaking, uber cool, feature-packed handset – not the rather square and under specified 5800. Surely Nokia should have made an ultra desirable handset first, then got the early adopters raving about the service. This then would have given Comes With Music momentum.

APP OFF! App Store vs Ovi vs App World vs Android Market

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As part of this week’s App Store birthday extravaganza, I thought it might be an idea to compare what Apple has put together with all the different mobile program delivery platforms out there.

I may have described the iPhone service as a pile of novelty nonsense – you can throw your rotten fruit and broken 2007 iPhones at me later – but how does it measure up against its peers – BlackBerry’s App World, Nokia’s Ovi and the Android Market?

Click on the image below to start the tour

Nokia's Ovi swings open – let the downloading commence


Calling all S60 heads out there – Ovi is open for business. Nokia’s app store has flung its doors open this morning for downloads via the website or over the air. The will be billing taken care of by credit card or by being added on to the monthly letter from your mobile service provider. How kind.

Fifty million folk will see the Ovi app downloadable in the Downloads! section of their S60 handsets, so check now to make sure that your phone of choice supports it. You can receive the app in English, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish, and the platform billing is supported in its entirety by operators in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Spain and the good old Blighty. America will have to wait but AT&T is already laying down the corporate red carpet quotes with that age old launch date of “later this year”.

As promised, all the apps are available in one place with mapping and N-gage all brought under the same umbrella. There’s a bunch of freeware as well as the paid for content. Expect it to be flooded with more programs and the web awash with top tens as the minutes go by.

Ovi Store (via Nokia Press Room)