Google launching Chrome web browser beta for Windows


Thanks to some over-exuberant staff at Google, the cat’s out of the bag a bit earlier than planned on its new project: Chrome.

From tomorrow, Google will launch a beta version of its new web browser, which it no doubts hope will challenge the dominance of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and take chunks out of Firefox’s increasing popularity.

A Windows version will be available in 100 countries (presumably the UK will be one of them), and should be “streamlined and simple”. Features include separating each tab into its own “sandbox” to minimise the risk of web applications crashing the whole browser and provide better protection from malicious code, and a powerful “V8” JavaScript engine to “power the next generation of web applications that aren’t even possible in today’s browsers”…

Via gives away its OpenBook designs, watch out for even more Eee clones


Via has decided to be friendly to anyone wanting to build an Eee PC clone (or just a sub-notebook PC) by making CAD files available to anyone who wants to build or modify the OpenBook.

Processor specs aren’t amazing — the Via C7-M / VX800 digital media processors may well choke on Windows XP or Vista, although Via says that their next-generation processor – Isaiah – will run four times as fast…

MWC 2008: Will the LiMo Foundation pip Google's Android to the open-source post?

The LiMo Foundation looks set to be a major thorn in Google’s Android side, with a couple of major announcements tipped to occur at MWC.

For those unfamiliar with the LiMo Foundation, it’s an alliance of manufacturers formed over a year ago, which has the same common aim as the Open Handset Alliance spearheaded by Google, of creating open mobile software platforms.

“[LiMo] is a very practical initiative, but also a deeply philosophical one, based upon the belief that openness in handsets delivers value to consumers,” Morgan Gillis, LiMo’s executive director, said recently about the alliance, which includes massive manufacturers such as Motorola…

Sony AIBO-like robot, the New4LR, is open-source and speccy

Yet another robot for you, this time in the shape of a wee lil puppy. Watch women all around you swoon at the sight of it. Coochie-coochie-coo! Coochie-coochie-coo!

As your robot-savvy eyes can tell, it’s slightly Sony Aibo-like in its appearance, but has a lot more to it than what meets the eye. The German University working on the robot has developed open-source software for the product, ‘New4LR’, powered by two AMD Geode 500Mhz processors…

Daily Tech Hotlinks for 03-July-2007: Prince, Wikipedia,, John Edwards, Grand Theft Auto

– Prince outrages the music industry by giving away his new album for free with the Mail on Sunday.
– The Wikipedia user who prophesised the Chris Benoit murders claims he was simply vandalising the site, and had no idea it would turn true just hours later. Ever thought he maybe gave Benoit the idea in the first place?
– is finally shut down by the Russian authorities, who have no doubt objected over all those pirate TaTu albums escaping the country…