First pic of the Nintendo DS Guitar Hero peripheral, plus video!


Last September, the design manager for Vicarious Visions, Adrian Earle, blabbed about Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS having an exciting new peripheral, to rawk out to all the Bon Jovi tracks the game will no doubt contain.

Several months later, and we have an official photo of the peripheral, thanks to the German magazine Instead of holding the DS in the normal manner, it’s held sideways, like you would when playing Brain Training, allowing…

Korg DS-10 synth for Nintendo DS – spark your own '80s electro pop revival


Classic 80s synthesizer, the Korg MS-10, is currently being recreated inside the diminutive Nintendo DS handheld console. Far from being some cheap hack ported on to a SD card and slapped into a dodgy machine, this is fully functioning, absolutely 100% official synth, drum machine and sequencer. It’s called the Korg DS-10 – can you see what they’ve done there?

Opinion: Why Apple's iPhone won't beat Sony's PSP and Nintendo's DS at their own game!


Jonathan Weinberg writes… Mobile phones will never, ever, be portable games consoles. Nokia tried it with their N-Gage device, and they are trying it again with N-Gage software on their normal handsets. Gizmondo (while not strictly a phone) tried it – and failed miserably.

Now Steve Jobs has set his sights on trying to battle Sony and Nintendo for a slice of the portable gaming industry by opening up the iPhone to top-notch titles.

It’s a nice soundbite, it’s a good offering for Apple consumers, but it will still only ever be a mobile phone that you can play games on – rather than a games console. And they are, and always shall be, two totally different propositions and never the twain should meet…

Watchdog's fantastic assassination of Brain Training on the "DS Nintendo"

Mistake number one is Nicky Campbell calling it a “DS Nintendo” throughout the ludicrous report. Mistake #2 is thinking that Brain Training’s occasional problems recognising words is a surprise or new news, seeing as the game came out in June of 2006 and everyone’s already completely over it.

Mistakes numbers 3-99 we’ll leave you to work out for yourselves while enjoying the shameful Watchdog Nintendo outrage.