MoD releases UFO files


The Ministry of Defence, under pressure from “enthusiasts”, has just released a bunch of data about UFO sightings between 1986 and 1992. The sightings are dotted across the UK, but include Belfast International Airport, Glenavy, Heathrow and Lydd in Kent.

One sighting was from the captain of an Altilia airliner, who saw a brown missile-shaped object shoot past overhead, who shouted “look out!”. Neither the Civil Aviation Authority, nor military investigations, could explain the event or what happened. If you’re interested in poring through the reports yourself to try to work it out, then they’ve been made available on a dedicated, and rather attractive, website from the National Archives.

UFO Archives (via BBC)

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Man "portablizes" Super Nintendo

It’s a beautiful piece. The cheap case gives it a pleasingly utilitarian early-1990s design appearance, with simplistic buttons that you could easily believe Nintendo would’ve chucked into a handheld SNES – had it bothered to make one back in the day. And look at that chunky power button. Imagine the satisfying click it makes.

The poor guy started the portable SNES project last Christmas and eventually finished it last week. Here’s how it turned out.


The chap used an off-the-shelf plastic case to whack most of the SNES bits in…

Best. PC case mod. Ever: Microwave hacked, now a working computer


I’m considering launching a Tech Digest spin-off site purely for PC case mods, but think I’ve already found the best mod that will ever exist. Yes, even better than that nudie-girl one yesterday, and Chernobyl power plant one from a few weeks back.

Disguised in an old microwave, the inside is full to the brim with the PC’s guts, and the normally-transparent door has been transformed into an actual working monitor. If you look closely enough, you’ll see the food being reheated on the plate is actually the desktop wallpaper, with folders located…

German kiddywink creates best PC mod ever – Chernobyl power plant


I like this youngster’s style, and the finished result has left me with a tongue drooling in desire, however it’s claimed he created this PC case mod due to the Chernobyl map in the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Why not the real thing?

He’s only 16, so wasn’t even born when reactor 4 exploded in 1986 – but his case mod is impeccable, and even opens up to reveal the innards…

Put that dusty Apple floppy drive to use, make an amplifier mod outta it


Some bloke over at Hacked Gadgets has taken his hand out of his underpants, and put it to good use – making an amplifier out of an Apple floppy drive.

It shouldn’t come to too much expense, and you’ll be able to pick up a 5.25 floppy drive fairly easily from eBay or even your shed if you save relics from your IT past. Finally – a suitable way to…