NASA employees celebrate InSight Mars probe landing with elaborate handshake!

NASA's latest probe, InSight, made a successful landing on the red planet on Monday afternoon, triggering delighted celebrations across the globe. When the announcement was made that InSight had landed and the mission was a success, NASA employees were obviously thrilled, with two mission controllers launching into an impressive handshake to celebrate. The uplifting moment…

Google Earth adds oceans, hits 5.0


James Cook. Ferdinand Magellan. Vasco Núñez de Balboa. Hannu. Want to count yourself among their ranks? You could do worse than installing the new version of Google Earth – which features the oceans.

Previously, 70% of the earth’s surface in Google Earth was just covered with a basic blue blob. It vaguely reflected what was below, but not in any detail, especially when compared to Google’s land coverage. Well, now you can explore the seas in huge detail. You can even go below the surface and view data points – video, photos and text of ocean life and expeditions.

NASA briefing the White House on secret Mars news. HG Wells' fear of Mars may be vindicated.

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A couple of weeks ago the sixth man on the moon, Edgar Mitchell, in an apparent bid to catch up with James Watson in the “man of science inexplicably becomes a crackpot” stakes, went on the radio and claimed that the human race has made contact with aliens and there’s a big cover-up to disguise this fact.

Maybe he’s not mad after all if Aviation Week, a publication not usually known for its hyperbole (or generally not known) is right with its story about NASA deliberately sitting on a huge announcement?