Bopaboo – selling second-hand MP3s. This has got to be a joke, right?


A site has just launched called Bopaboo. It claims to be a marketplace that allows you to resell unwanted MP3s to other people. There are only two valid conclusions to be had here – either it’s a joke, or it’s been set up by some people who haven’t got the faintest idea about how digital music works.

At the moment it’s still in private beta, but if you can track down an invite code (I found one on Google in less than 30 seconds) then you can try it out. You upload songs, and then others can download them at a price, at which point you get some cash, and the site takes 20%. No word on how much of that 20% goes back to the record labels.

Microsoft wants more "music" on Windows Mobile


Microsoft is clearly a bit jealous of how well the iPhone/iTunes/iPod trinity is raking in cash for the Apple machine, so is keen to try and boost the amount of music services available “on the go” to users of Windows Mobile phones.

“One thing that Apple has leveraged on is the music scenario, and I think that that is something the operators and ourselves are partnering on, just to make sure that consumers can use live music in the best way,” Andy Lees, senior vice president…

NBC took its shows off iTunes – now they've popped up on Zune


How do you like them apples, Apple?

After bravely turning its back on Apple’s iTunes thanks to rows over money and royalties and charges and the like, American telly juggernaut NBC has started releasing its shows via the… Zune shop. What’s the Zune shop called? Anyone have a clue? MicroStore? ZuneTunes?

Whatever the Zune shop is called, it now hosts more than 800 NBC-owned ‘properties’, with shows coming from the likes of Comedy Central…

ZuneFest: Zune Social offers new way to share, while Zune Marketplace goes DRM-free


Besides launching new Zune models, Microsoft has also given its Zune Marketplace music store some new features, and introduced a new online community called Zune Social.

The latter is really interesting. It lets people create a ‘Zune Card’ that automatically updates to track what they’re listening to on their Zune – recently played tracks and all-time favourites. The schtick is that other Zune owners can then listen to their friends’ Zune Cards and buy the tracks.