Speak Swedish? Speak English? Want to help The Pirate Bay live-blog its imminent copyright trial via Twitter?


Then step right up! The Pirate Bay, the mega piracy portal which always goes to great lengths to point out it doesn’t actually host the files it catalogues, is going to court very soon – charged with, well, you can probably guess. Letting the world watch Quantum of Solace without having to go to the cinema or HMV.

A live audio feed of the Bay’s trial will be made available online, but the problem is it’s all being conducted in Sweden. In Swedish. And with the best will in the world, Swedish could never be described as the language of the internet. We’d imagine it’s only the third most popular language even in Sweden…

Track Obama's inauguration day LIVE, thanks to everyone in America live-blogging like mad


We saw last month exactly how modern internet technology is kicking the hell out of traditional news media when it comes to on-the-spot reporting – and today’s the perfect day so see America EXPLODE in a sea of sickeningly patriotic citizen journalism.

Numerous dedicated Flickr groups have popped up to catalogue Obama’s special day, as people hanging around in Washington right at this very moment use up all their data allowance for January by uploading evocative photos of children waving flags live from the scene…

Gigjunkie is a social network for UK live music fans


Live music fans have a tough time of it. You’ve got to contend with awful ticket agencies, heavyhanded security, and crap listings services, and even when you get inside there’s always the risk that you’ll be stood in front of some drunk idiot who’ll hurl abuse and beer at the band throughout the show, ruining your enjoyment.

Well, music fans, there’s a new website that aims to solve at least one of those problems. That of the rubbish listings services. Gigjunkie.net is a “the UK’s definitive and independent Gig Listing”. It aggregates data from loads of sources, and then allows fans, venues and bands to add anything extra.

BBC bringing live One and Two to the Internet


The BBC has announced that it BBC One and BBC Two will be available to watch live online from next Thursday, 27th November.

BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC, CBeebies, and BBC News are already available. According to the director of BBC Vision, Jana Bennett, this “completes our commitment to make our portfolio of channels available to watch on the internet”.

Officially, the entire portfolio of channels is only viewable in the UK, thanks to limiting which IP addresses can access content to those believed to be in the British Isles, but we all know that it’s possible to get around those kind of technical restrictions…

Massive changes go live at Windows Live


Microsoft is turning “Live” into a social network. That’s what seems to be at the core of the big changes that will be happening to Live.com over the next day or so. Instead of just being a search box, it’s getting activity and contact information from around the web – a ‘news feed’ of sorts.

If you want to check it out early, you can. It’s at home.live.com. It’s about using existing connections to build your network, so that you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of ‘adding’ people yet again. Anyone that you’re friends with on MSN Messenger automatically becomes a connection, and you can see what they’re upto on a variety of different sites.

Microsoft about-turns on Games for Windows Live pricing, offers refund


PC gaming news was kind of thin on the ground at the recent E3. Well, in fairness, gaming news was widely considered to be thin on the ground at this year’s E3, but directly PC-relevant news especially so. Microsoft must have been a bit too embarrassed to announce this one to the attending masses (despite how appealing it is to our wallets): Games for Windows Live is now free to use on PC.

Wholly unimportant world first – band streams live show through Facebook


Brilliant news. We doubt anyone noticed, but brilliant news all the same.

The no-doubt popular-on-the-internet band RedBoxBlue has made the claim, reckoning that its series of streaming video performances currently being shown on Facebook are indeed a world first.

It’s not 100% live, though – they’re only beaming taped…

Microsoft and RIM jump into bed together, offer Windows Live services for BlackBerry phones


Research In Motion has been extremely busy this balmy day, first announcing the Bold 9000 smartphone, and now a collaboration with Microsoft allowing for Windows Live services to be used on BlackBerry handsets.

Whilst BlackBerry phones have an IM service already, it’s rather limited as you can only talk with other BlackBerry owners. This new agreement between the two giants means BlackBerry users can enjoy MSN Messenger…