OPINION: No lawsuits for German P2P sharers is a good thing


Lucky Germans – a bunch of law enforcement officials in Germany have declared today that they won’t be prosecuting the vast majority of file-sharing lawsuits.

Basically, they’ve (very sensibly) decided that home users aren’t worth bothering with and will only go after P2P users that share on a “substantial, commercial” level. What level is that? I’m glad you asked. Being a German, the state prosecutor of Nort-Rhine Westphalia has defined it in very prescise terms…

Hot Coffee laid to rest: turns out NOBODY actually gave a shit

Remember the GTA: San Andreas Hot Coffee scandal? Of course you don’t, you were busy updating your Bebo profile, chatting on MSN messenger, patiently explaining to people why Limewire was so much better than YouTube, and all those other archaic things we used to do. Ah, the heady days of youth.

Rest assured though, Hot Coffee nearly brought the games industry to its knees, and certainly not in a good kind of ‘Thai massage’ way either. A naughty hacker squirreled deep within the game’s code and discovered a desperately unexciting sex-based mini game and produced a patch to unlock it.

Apple in the dock: Top 5 iPhone lawsuits

apple-iphone-lawsuit.jpgApple has great lawyers. Top-notch. They’re so good, that even a brave, morally courageous blogger such as myself wouldn’t dare print allegations that Steve Jobs CENSORED his CENSORED while taking CENSORED and CENSORED his CENSORED. Several times!

Joking aside, though, Apple needs good lawyers, because as a large consumer tech company, it’s often the target of legal action – some flippant, some serious. iPhone has already caused its fair share of legal headaches, attracting several lawsuits already in its short life. Such as? Well…

1. The One About Price Discrimination. I reported on this at the weekend: New Yorker Dongmei Li is sueing Apple for price discrimination, underselling, discrimination in rebates, and deceptive actions. Why? On launch day, there were only 4GB iPhones by the time she reached the front of the queue, yet a couple of months later, that model was phased out and the 8GB model got a $200 price cut. Cue lawsuit. More info

Apple faces legal onslaught from disgruntled iPhone owners

apple-iphone-lawsuits.jpgGetting sued by your own customers isn’t an ideal corporate strategy, it’s fair to say. Yet Apple is facing the threat of several legal actions over the iPhone, from unhappy owners of the device.

For example, New Yorker Dongmei Li is sueing Apple, AT&T Wireless and Steve Jobs himself for price discrimination, underselling, discrimination in rebates, and deceptive actions.

It’s because she could only get a 4GB iPhone on launch day, then saw Apple drop the price of the 8GB model by $200 and discontinue the 4GB version. Dongmei isn’t the only unhappy iPhone owner though…