CES 2008: Samsung Infolink television with USA today RSS feeds on screen

Susi's lethargy is obviously setting in as she looks at the Samsung Infolink television. Our quote of the trip so far has to be "anyway, there's stuff," which actually sums up this television pretty well. It's got an ethernet connection built in which allows the telly to connect to the internet…but don't get too excited, it doesn't allow you to surf the web, but pulls in RSS feeds on stocks, news and weather and displays them on screen. In the US the service is provided by USA Today, and a UK partnership should be revealed very soon…

BBC iPlayer: yet another "TV highlights over the Net" service launches – how about some nostalgia?

Andy Merrett writes…

The BBC has announced that an open beta trial of its iPlayer will launch next month. It joins Channel 4’s 4oD service — reportedly doing quite well — for those who want to sit at their PCs and watch highlights of the last week’s TV.

Stuart has already extolled the virtues of “Telly 2.0”. BT are heavily marketing their Vision service, and 4oD can be accessed via BT Vision and Virgin Media.

Are the BBC slow off the mark? When the beta launches next month, it’ll be for a select band of Windows XP users only, with other versions potentially rolling out over the following months. Having said that, Channel 4 still have licensing and technical issues with protecting their content – their excuse for not getting the service to work with Macs (or indeed, any other non-Windows system).