OPINION: Exams haven't met the 21st Century yet


It’s easy to forget sometimes that the 21st century is now. Information is the currency that the world runs on, and is far more transferrable and globally relevant than actual cash. However, despite its focus on knowledge, the education system is hopelessly out of date. The traditional “exam” involves sitting down with a pen and some dead tree, and trying to remember when the battle of Sevastopol was. A school in Australia is trying to change that…

Shiny Review: BBC's "tenth anniversary" home page


To mark the BBC’s tenth anniversary online, they’ve revamped their online presence with the introduction of a new beta version of their home page.

Labelled “BBC Beta”, which is a little concerning as it sounds as if the whole of the Corporation is now in test mode, the new front page offers an iGoogle-style interface which is customisable with various content widgets.

It’s possible to choose to display a range of excerpts of the BBC’s content, including local, national, and world news, TV and radio listings, sport, weather, blogs, entertainment, and history.