LG crams 4G LTE tech on a mobile phone chip


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future. While you were in bed this morning, dreaming of Konnie Huq running in slow motion in the snow, LG were hard at work in Japan (where it’s midday when it’s 3am here) putting ridiculously futuristic technology on a mobile phone chip.

The tech is called LTE, which (doesn’t really) stand for “the Long Term Evolution of 3GPP”. It’s basically the plans that the 3rd Generation Partnership Project has for the future of 3G and cellular broadband in general. Some people refer to it as 4G.

Skyfire is a very capable little mobile internet browser


Those among you who access the web on your mobile device will know the value of a good internet browsing application. Most standard phone browsers (iPhone excepted) are rubbish at rendering the web on a tiny screen. I’m secretly quite a fan of the bog-standard N95 browser, but if I wasn’t, then I’d try Skyfire, which launched today.

It’s simple enough – just an application which you download and install on your S60 phone, but then it offers a very ‘full’ browsing experience, which renders pages like they would on a PC and lets you zoom in and out of them. It’s powerful, though – it’ll happily render Flash, Silverlight, Ajax and Java.

Powerleveller hits WoW level 80 in just 27 hours


In case you missed the reports of the ‘biggest entertainment launch ever’ last week, World of Warcraft has just launched its second expansion pack – Wrath of the Lich King. It raises the level cap to 80, and one French player – Nymh – managed to power through the ten levels in between in just 27 hours.

To answer a few of your questions – no, he didn’t take any breaks, he’s 21 years old, and he is currently employed (though took a few days holiday for the release of the expansion). He was playing as a female human warlock, demonology spec.