DJ Hero priced at a thumping £107.99 in the UK


Activision has set an RRP of a whopping and slightly arbitrary £107.99 for the upcoming release of DJ Hero. The tag for the turntable version of the famous guitar-based series includes the game plus the peripheral controller and sits a whole £38 higher on the shelf than it predecessors.

The move is a lovely bit of understanding given that we’re currently in a recession and, just to let us know that it is entirely personal, the games company is recommending the title be sold in the US for around £30 less. Thanks Activision.

Fortunately, not everyone is sticking to that RRP. HMV will be offering the game for £99 and several online retailers for a little less.

(via Eurogamer)

Wrath of the Lich King event was "biggest HMV has ever seen"

If there was any more proof needed that World of Warcraft fans are a force to be reckoned with, then last night was it. Somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500 fans (there was no official headcount) crammed into HMV Oxford Street last night after the midnight opening. It’s the single biggest entertainment launch in UK history, beating the previous record holder (the previous WoW expansion!) by nearly 1,000.

People dressed up, as you’ll see over the jump, and Blizzard helped too, with a large chap dressed as Arthas the Lich King. There was an ice sculpture of the WoW logo, and senior execs from Blizzard and Activision showed up too. Best of all was the HMV logo over the shop door, which featured a Murloc instead of the usual dog.

Wrath of the Lich King launch party details announced


Are you a big World of Warcraft fan? So big that you fancy hanging around in central London until midnight on 12th November, just to be the first to take home a copy of Wrath of the Lich King? Well, here’s all the info you’ll need.

At midnight on the 12th November (that’s midnight between the 12th and 13th, not 11th and 12th) show up at HMV Oxford Street, a short walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station. Blizzard COO Paul Sams and associate producer Lee Sparks will be signing copies and meeting the slightly sweaty fanboys and girls….

Get 1000 free Microsoft points (ie, £8.50) when you pre-order Lost Odyssey today

It’s been anticipated for quite a while, however as of tomorrow, the UK market will finally get its hands on the Xbox 360 game, Lost Odyssey.

If there’s one thing I recommend you do today, is head down to HMV or over to their website, and pre-order like a madman. HMV is offering an amazing deal for those who pre-order the Japanese RPG, with 1000 Microsoft Points to spend on your next Xbox Live Arcade download.

That’s a whole £8.50! If you pre-order ten of them at £39.99 each, then sell them all on eBay, you could make a killing, and ensure…

Opinion: HMV need more than gimmicks to attract kids to "cyber store"

Jon_small_new.jpgQuick quiz now – do you still buy CDs on the high street? I rarely do these days, unless it’s an impulse buy in a sale as I browse, but then I don’t get much time to do that either like I used to. Let’s face it, we’re a cash rich, time poor society now and that means one thing – the Internet!

I’m not going to spit out the obvious downloading facts and figures that we all already know, digital music is big business and only a miniscule percentage of people reading this will never have bought or “found” a music track via the web…