Gibson teases us with "Dark Fire" Guitar

This is the tells-us-nothing teaser video that Gibson just sent us. It’s something to do with a guitar, and glowy bits. But damnit does it look tasty. Following some pretty snazzy work with digital guitars previously, there’s every possibility that this could be the most awesome axe since Hendrix’s flaming guitar.

Luckily, there’s a little bit more info revealed by a variety of product shots that we’ve been handed. Click the picture in the post to begin.

The Harpejji: Piano meets guitar meets hefty price tag


As a keyboard player who’d love to also be able to play the guitar, but can’t, this new instrument appeals to me.

The Harpejji takes the best characteristics of a guitar, and the same of a keyboard instrument, and combines them. This 24 string instrument features a visual matrix representing all the keys on a piano, and each string has a small piezo pickup embedded in its saddle, creating a clear representation of the natural string harmonics…