GALLERY: T-Mobile G1 unboxing pictures – unleashing the Android

I’m often unmoved by internet unboxings, very often in fact. But images of a Google Android T-Mobile G1 is something a little different both because we’re all as curious as children at the top of the stairs spying on their parents’ dinner parties and because I think I’m going to get one now that my contract’s run out and I’m bored of looking at everyone else’s iPhones.

We followed the G1 at launch and on video but nothing quite says hello like a good old fashioned gallery. Click on the image below to start the tour.

Google says Android development is proceeding as was foreseen – 2008 release IS ON


It seems like – and actually was – just yesterday that the internet, even this bit of it, was thrown into chaos by a boring old business report suggesting that Google’s much-wanted Android mobile OS stood between ZERO and F-ALL chance of coming out in 2008.

Well. It is. It really is. Google itself issued a statement on the web-sweeping Android delay rumours last night, a statement we’re only too happy to copy & paste into this here web browser for your information.

“We are on schedule and we’re very excited to see the momentum continuing to build behind the Android platform among carriers, manufacturers, developers and consumers…

Google Android bloggers claim iPhone 3G is "deceitfully mediocre"


Boy, there’s no love lost between the bloggers at Google Android fansite Phandroid, and Apple, as they’ve published a huge tirade against the iCompany, calling the iPhone 3G “Deceitfully Mediocre”.

In the 1,731 word attack on Apple, they label the announcement the “yPhone OhGeez disaster”, claiming “the product seems rushed to market and unpolished”. Their main points of contention include “the $199 lie”, as you’re charged…

The LiMo Foundation announces Platform Release 1, available at end of 2008


We haven’t heard much about the LiMo Foundation in recent weeks, it appears the Mobile World Congress sparked a few stories regarding Linux-based software platform, then all went quiet on the western front.

Until today, when news reached me claiming the Foundation has announced the LiMo Platform Release 1, which has been tested in handsets available commercially. It will be available later this…