GMail adds voice and video chat


Yet more new features for everyone’s favourite webmail client, Google Mail. This time, the team has enabled video and voice chatting on the service, which joins SMS, OpenID, Calendar and Doc gadgets and emoticon support on the feature list.

Google’s going to be rolling out the new functionality over the course of today, so if you can’t get it yet, then try again a little later. To get to it, you’ll need to install a small plugin, which you can pick up here, and then it’ll appear in the bottom of your chat windows.

Let us know in the comments how it performs on your broadband connection, and how you think it compares to similar services, like Skype.

Google Video Chat (via Official GMail Blog)

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GMail adds yet more functionality – this time it's SMS


GMail’s really blitzing new features out at the moment – yesterday it became an OpenID provider, and earlier in the week they rolled out gadgets for Calendar and Docs, but today’s new feature is SMS.

If you’ve got phone numbers stored with your contacts then if they go offline when you’re talking to them, your messages will be sent as SMS instead. Best of all, it’ll give the person you SMS a number that they can email in the future to get messages to your GMail account.

The functionality hasn’t arrived over this side of the pond yet, but it’s a lovely little bonus feature, so I hope it shows up soon. It’s yet another reason why you should use GMail over Yahoo or Hotmail.

GMail (via GoogleWatch)

GMails adds gadgets for Calendar and Documents


Just a quick one, this, but enormously useful. Google has added gadgets to GMail that allow you to view your calendar and your documents in little boxes to the left of your window. If you’re anything like me, then you have your Gmail window open at all times, so this is an enormously useful addition to the web app. To turn them on, go to the “labs” section, by clicking the volumetric flask in the top right…