Google planning offshore, tax-evading, auto-powering, floating data warehouses


Google is planning to launch a fleet of ships to house its search operations. These ships will power themselves by harnessing wave energy. The “water-based data centres” will cool themselves using the sea.

This staggering and frankly unbelievable lurch into piracy was revealed by The Times, which says Google will also benefit by avoiding paying tax on its data warehousing spaces by housing some of its facilities in international waters…

The sensational return of Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. Episode 2: Not connecting with real people

The double act no one really wants to see the return of has returned, as the two extremely rich men try to act like they’re normal and in touch with us common folk. All in the name of making Windows Vista look cool. It is not working. It didn’t work before. And this one’s even worse.

See Bill and Jerry order Chinese food, as if they don’t have in-house chefs back home at their respective palaces cooking up high-nutrient, low-fat foods at any time of day. They joke about being rich. This all goes on for a completely bewildering four and a half minutes. Here. See how far you can get through it.

Bill does a bit of robot dancing at the end…

Panasonic launching small "Micro Four Thirds" Lumix DMC-G1 SLR camera this October

The upcoming Lumix DMC-G1 is a proper SLR, only engineered using some kind of shrink-ray technology (the new Micro Four Thirds system) to make it 27 percent smaller than existing SLRs, like the Lumix DMC-L10.

Plus it only weighs 385 grams – the equivalent of 10 four-finger Kit Kats, and manages to pull off 12.1megapixels. Here’s what it looks like. And yes, there is a pink one for the ladies.


The halfway-house DMC-G1 is down for an October 31 launch…

People who know people say T-Mobile's revealing its Android phone plans on September 23


The sort of “insiders” who can’t be named or they’ll get sacked reckon that Google and T-Mobile are very, very near to announcing official facts regarding the retail arrival of a Google Android mobile.

The two companies are planning a revelation for this month, with the same undercover sources hinting that a September 23 launch date announcement is definitely possible. September 23 is, at the time of writing, 12.5 days away…

OPINION: Still searching for reasons to switch to Google Chrome


Yesterday – and this is not a joke about how sad my life is, it’s the honest-to-Betsy truth – I decided to make the switch and start using Google Chrome as my default browser.

I’d decided the night before, in fact. I was, sadly, really quite excited about the prospect of turning over a new leaf or, to update the phrase, starting a new session. Doing a fresh install of my life and switching from Firefox to Chrome.

I like Chrome. It works, it’s already imported…

Sony reveals Vaio CS11 in lots of colours, particularly "bubblegum pink"


Of all the colours, we’d imagine it’ll be the bubblegum pink model that will be discounted first. That’ll have £100 knocked off its price after three months when they start piling up in the showrooms.

Then the brown one will come down in price, as we’d imagine not many people want brown laptops either.

But! What people do want at the moment is cheap, low-spec netbooks…

WHY OH WHY OH WHY would anyone put a Firefox theme on Google Chrome?


Imagine. Imagine you have already achieved all there is to achieve. Done everything. Seen everything. Been everywhere and put your winkie into every possible orifice known to man, and a few only known to the more attractive animal species (I’m looking at you, you sexy zebra).

What’s left? What one task is the very last task a man should do before dying?

Google to start archiving 30 glorious years of Page 3 stunnas, with its Newspaper Search


Google will soon start the mammoth task of scanning in decades worth of old newspapers, allowing us to finally search information and news from before the internet period. Everything that happened in the 1980s will start to exist again.

In a similar fashion to Google’s impressive but under-the-radar Book Search, the newspaper service will let us browse through old papers, bringing entire pages up as zoomable, Google Maps-style images. The Times already does…