Give yourself the best chance in Street Fighter IV with an XCM Dominator Joystick for PS3


If you’ve been trying for 10 years but STILL can’t get your head around the idea of playing Street Fighter using a controller that only has four face buttons, here’s what you need – the XCM Dominator Joystick.

Created in an arcade-friendly, eight-on-the-top layout for maximum Street Fighter compatibility, the stick’s perfect for anyone whose software collection consists almost entirely of games manufactured by Capcom and SNK between the years 1992 and 1998…

The $30 "Yes We Can" Kenyan celebratory Barack Obama Mi-Obama mobile phone


Kenyan mobile supplier Mi-Fone is the latest company to have a go at cashing in on Brand Obama, launching this curious Barack Obama themed mobile phone in the region.

The Mi-Obama phone will help Mi-Fone “forge new frontiers in African urban youth market,” apparently, although unlike the man whose slogan the phone carries, the low-spec handset is unlikely to change the world for the better and have people sobbing with joy.

It’s a generic dual-band GSM piece, and you know there’s nothing to get excited…

Sci-fi world devastated – Patrick McGoohan and Ricardo Montalban pass away

Patrick McGoohan, made famous by his role in bewildering 60s sci-fi escapology show The Prisoner, died on Tuesday, aged 80.

He was great in Danger Man, made his name in The Prisoner, then continued to deliver entertainment beyond the call of duty by directing and starring in numerous episodes of Columbo between the 1970s and his last directorial appearance in 2000…

eBay Nutcase of the Week: Keith Senior "heaps shame" on England by selling Rugby World Cup medal


Leeds Rhinos player Keith Senior has decided he doesn’t want or need a memento of England’s abysmal performance in the recent Rugby League World Cup – so he’s stuck his appearance medal on eBay.

The medal is currently going for £600 on the auction portal, triggering TABLOID OUTRAGE from newspapers who believe Keith’s being a bit of a traitor in flogging off a bit of English sporting history…

Humans and Klingons brought together via the medium of the Cherry Klingon Language Wired Keyboard


Turns out we have a lot more in common with our Klingon friends than we first thought.

Klingons like a nice big Enter key on the right to make typing easier, just like us. They also enjoy a big Space bar, plus it looks like they have evolved a similar aesthetic of placing the ‘Esc’ key at the top-left and sticking a range of Function keys that go from about F1 to F12 along the top for easy access to features.

Klingons also like to use a separate numeric keypad…

Playing Halo is as addictive as heroin or crack cocaine, says judge in Halo killer case


Or rather stopping playing Halo is as hard as giving up heroin or crack cocaine, according to the judge handling the case of Daniel Petric, who said “When you stop [playing the game], your brain won’t stand for it, just as it wouldn’t stand for it when you quit using heroin or crack cocaine” when summing up the case.

The judge ruled that 17-year-old Petric was guilty of killing his mum and attempting to kill his dad, after they tried to stop him playing Halo so much by confiscating the disc. Yes, really…

The UK has gone GAMING MAD – 22 million consoles in use, PS3 dead last


Gfk-ChartTrack, the Europe-wide sales-counting conglomerate that tracks how many games and how much hardware we’ve all been buying, has sad there are now a staggering 22 million games consoles in the UK.

That’s an increase from January 2008’s 13.5 million, a figure which presumably doesn’t include all our childhood Mega Drives and SNESs that are sitting in mum & dad’s loft. Nintendo sold 2.9 million Wiis between Jan 2008 and Jan 2009, Microsoft shifted 1.4m Xbox 360 consoles and Sony moved a rather poor 1m PS3s, making it…

Make your life even more ironic with the 3.5" floppy disk iTunes and Firefox posters

Here’s how you can be even more ironic than your ironic mate who does nothing but ironically play ironic 1970s children’s TV programme theme tunes all day – buy yourself a set of the deeply ironic posters based around 3.5″ discs.

Ironically imagining what it would’ve been like had iTunes or Firefox launched in the 1980s and been distributed on floppy disks, these ironic posters will ironically enhance any ironic modern living space. They also feature the right number of discs required to fit today’s modern apps – iTunes 8.02 would need to be spread across 42 floppies, for example.


I’m only bitter because I didn’t have the idea first. Maker Mehmet Gozetlik is promising to have full-size prints available soon from his shop, for a relatively…

ECCENTRIC BRITISH HEROES: Neil Laughton driving/flying his Skycar from London to Timbuktu


Adventurer and after-dinner speaker Neil Laughton’s customised dune buggy can fly. So he’s going to fly it – taking off from London this Wednesday, and landing/rolling up in Timbuktu approximately 42 days later.

The buggy comes with a detachable ParaWing (parachute/aerofoil thing) and has a fan on the back of it, allowing it to take off into the sky when it hits 45mph – and it can then cruise at 70mph at a possible and terrifying maximum altitude of 15,000 feet…