Fujitsu claims to have the world's largest capacity mobile hard drive, at 300GB

fujistu-handydrive.jpgIf there’s anyone out there reading this, who hasn’t yet moved to storing their music and photo libraries on external hard drives, I recommend you do so as soon as possible. I recently transferred most of my data to one, and the extra speed I’ve received after departing with 90GB of photos and music is amazing.

Fujitsu is here to save the day with what they’ve dubbed the world’s largest capacity external mobile hard…

Fujitsu lining up gargantuan 1.2TB hard drives for notebooks

fujitsu-hard-drives.jpgFujitsu’s found a way to start charging more money for hard drives – inventing a new technology to increase their capacity.

We’ll copy the method it used directly from the Fujitsu announcement as, frankly, it’s all a bit bewildering. Apparently, “one-dimensionally aligned alumina nanohole patterns with 25nm pitch were produced to support one Terabit/in2 bit recording density.”

Fujitsu show off their flexible 'Fab PC' at the Tokyo Design Premio show

Oh, to live in Japan! Those lucky Tokyo-dwelling citizens have been treated recently to the Tokyo Design Premio show, the largest international design event which celebrates Japanese lifestyles with 17 brands, 48 designers and graphic artists plus a huge display of high-end interiors.

Fujitsu were there showing off their wares and concept ideas, including the ‘Fab PC’, which is quite literally fab…