Sennheiser goes all old skool with the FM-only Tangent Duo


Yup – FM. No DAB in sight. This is the Tangent Duo clock radio, which features no digital display, no DAB, no card reader, and no iPod dock. Just a radio and a clock. Sennheiser are marketing this one as “For people who want a radio, not a tech-toy”.

I’ll staunchly defend tech-toys till the last man (or woman) falls, but gosh, this does look nice. I’ll admit that I don’t need an iPod dock, or OLED screen or anything first thing in the morning, but the analogue clock might confuse my poor sleep-addled mind. Still, given that one of the first things I do in the morning is grab my phone and read the news headlines, perhaps a dose of analogue upon waking would get me into gear just as well…

Pure intros EVOKE-2S portable stereo DAB radio


Pure has launched yet another model in its line of EVOKE portable radios, claiming that this is the best yet.

The EVOKE-2S features both analogue FM and DAB radio, and boosts sound thanks to PURE’s Clearsound technology, a completely digital system incorporating Class D amplifiers, digital audio shaping technology, and custom-tuned speakers…

Fancy a bright red Bush?


Bush, fine purveyor of DAB radio wares, has announced that its popular, enticingly named TR04DAB DAB radio is getting a sensual makeover. It is now available in “luscious” Lip Gloss Red and also sports a “sexy” touchscreen control panel, specifically designed for over (under?) sexed people who need their audio appliances to ooze carnal vibes into the room as well as Radio 4.

DAB should replace FM radio by 2020, despite current lack of interest


As if there wasn’t enough to deal with in switching over TV from analogue to digital, there’s a new recommendation in town: that DAB radio is the format of choice for radio and should replace FM broadcasts by 2020.

That’s according to an interim report by The Digital Radio Working Group, which suggests that DAB should be the primary way of delivering digital radio because the UK has a well-developed DAB market, and it can be freely received once appropriate equipment is purchased…

Sagem launches mydu@l radio700 Wi-Fi Internet radio


Sagem has announced their latest product, the mydu@l radio700 Wi-Fi enabled Internet radio and clock.

Seeing past the funky use of obscure punctuation for a moment, the unit features access to around 7000 radio stations, favourite lists, plus FM radio with RDS, streaming access to music stored on a PC or connected USB key, connection via either WI-Fi or Ethernet, digital alarm clock with sleep and snooze functions, and remote control unit…