Dell to launch 'Adamo' MacBook Air competitor?


Mac fanboys aside, most of us realised that the Macbook Air was a crystallisation of everything that Apple does – it was an archetypal Apple product. The ridiculous price, the underperforming components, and lack of features, but OH SO PRETTY! That’s why I’m a little nervous that Dell are trying to emulate the machine.

The New York Times, after noticing a few ‘Adamo’ trademark filings, did some digging on Google and eventually confronted Dell’s vice president in charge of consumer sales and marketing, Michael Tatelman, asking him if there was an Air-like product in store. His response? Click over the jump to find out.

Top 20 list of young internet millionaires dubious, yet still tempting

young-millionaires.jpgHey gals! And potentially boys! Fancy snagging yourself an internet-famous millionaire? We’re not just talking crusty has-beens like Al Gore either, we’re talking hot, sweet, under-30 year olds who still have their own teeth.

Although Jake Nickell from Threadless is on the list, so I may have to retract that last claim, he’s surely been wearing falsies for years now due to their incredibly slow international postage and lots of angry customers.

Ryan Block, Editor of Engadget (#11 on the list) however has claimed…

Top 10 rumours that might do an Apple / Engadget on other tech firms

rumour.jpgPoor Apple. One blog post about an iPhone delay based on a faked internal memo, and $4bn is wiped off its stockmarket value. Which has to make you wonder, what in God’s name will happen to Apple’s share price if the iPhone turns out to be rubbish? It’s a thought.

Another thought: could this happen to other tech firms? What sort of crazy rumour would send Microsoft’s stock diving, for example, or grind Sony’s share price into the dust? Weeell….