CES 2010: Final Thoughts

The Consumer Electronics show, the behemoth of tech, the Valhalla of gadgetry, has come and gone for yet another year. But this time, rather than arriving with a bang, it slinked into sight with something more like a whimper. CES…

CES 2010: Day 2 Round-Up

It may have gotten off to a dull start thanks to the lacklustre showing from Microsoft, but CES 2010 today threw up some really nice surprises. Keep an eye out for the Light Blue Optic's Light Touch here in today's…

Should I buy an OLED TV or stick with LCD and plasma?


There’s a new display technology in town — OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) — and it could be coming to a large TV near you very soon.

Plenty of big-name manufacturers have already produced OLED TVs, and others are promising to have sets available within the next couple of years.

OLED has a lot of very attractive characteristics meaning it can has the potential to power large, bright, thin, energy-efficient televisions. Then again, LCD and plasma TVs currently rule the roost and are no pushovers when it comes to features.

Should you buy an OLED TV? Let’s take a look…

Panasonic planning 37" OLED HDTV


Panasonic might have a 37″ HDTV with us in 18 months, if its senior executives can be believed. The company hasn’t previously made much in the way of OLED announcements because it hasn’t been convinced by the lifespan of Sony’s OLED range.

Now, however, they’ve managed to use a new metal membrane inside a panel to move light more efficiently. That means that the screen’s lifespan is extended from 30,000 hours to 50,000 hours, which is nearly six years of being left on continuously. Much more impressive. Current plasma offerings from Panasonic last in the region of 60,000 hours.

OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode, and it’s a technology which displays a much better picture for a considerably reduced energy cost. As a result, it’s being pursued agressively by television manufacturers, but the price is still an issue – with even tiny OLED screens costing thousands of pounds.

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JVC launching full HD LCD display aimed at photographers


The catchily-titled LT-42WX70 is a new 42″ display from JVC that’s aimed at imaging professionals and home cinema enthusiasts. It’s full HD and will display a far greater range of colours than most displays.

The screen is particularly adept at displaying high-resolution still photos, which probably makes it the world’s most expensive digital photo frame. It’s also got a full colour management system, though, for accurate reproduction of movies. It’ll display 100% of sRGB, and 96% of Adobe RGB.

There’s no price on this baby yet, but it’ll be available from May, so we should know pretty soon. It’s quite a niche product, so I wouldn’t expect it to come cheap, but if you’re determined to buy the best, then it’s definitely worth considering.


Samsung Lucido, smartphone specs in a midrange phone


This is a sign of progress. Lucido is unashamedly not a high-end phone, but it’s got the kind of features and specs that we’re normally fairly impressed with. Are we in the future or something? I don’t feel different…

There’s HSDPA, aGPS, a 5-megapixel camera with various software goodies like face recognition and smile capture, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, and microSD slot. Best of all, though, is the AMOLED display, which stretches out across 2.2″ of the front of the phone.

The phone measures 114 x 56 x 12mm, and there’s a nice metallic finish to it that you can see in the pictures above. It’ll be available April, but there’s been no price announced yet. Looks rather swish, don’t you think?

(via Trusted Reviews)

How to hack roadsigns to display whatever you like


You know those signs that litter the hard shoulder of motorways, warning oncoming motorists about ice, or telling them to slow down? Well, if you fancy some fun early one morning, how about hacking one to display something different?

It’s startlingly easy, as this tutorial from iHacked demonstrates. It even gives a password reset method, if the workers have changed the default configuration. What would you change it to say? Suggestions in the comments.

Inside Programmable Road Signs

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Is LG's double-sided reflective display a prototype for next-gen book readers?


Though LG seems to be about to pull out of the OLED business, it has been pushing another new technology which could be very useful for powering the next generation of digital readers and other mobile devices.

At the International Meeting on Information Display, it’s shown off a 15-inch double-sided reflective display with a resolution of 512 x 384 pixels, and a 13.3-inch reflective display with 1,280 x 800 resolution. These ECB-mode displays could be used in mobile devices that can be used easily in bright light/sunlight…

Mimo 7" LCD screens – a little bit of screen, for a little bit of cash


I’m a big fan of multi-monitor setups. Although they look a little ridiculous, they really do enhance your productivity no end. At the moment, though, adding another monitor can be tough. Unless you’ve got a bad-ass graphics card, it usually requires the installation of a new one, then you’ve got to mess about with drivers, and OH it’s all so complicated…