HTC not scared of iPhone launch, announces 3G Touch Diamond smartphone with June release date


HTC has today announced what we were all expecting, the touchscreen Diamond smartphone which is due to be the follow-up to the popular consumer-led Touch.

Running on Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, it lacks a hardware keyboard, with the 2.8″ touchscreen being an obvious draw. As expected, it’s 3G enabled, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and a 3.2-megapixel camera. An impressive internal storage of 4GB, it also features a microSD slot within its 10.7mm of thinness…

HTC launch event next week – will it be the touchscreen HSDPA Diamond?


Next Tuesday HTC is holding a London press conference where attendees can ‘witness the next wave of HTC innovation’.

HTC is already down in the books as being a member of the Open Handset Alliance schemewith Google, and will be releasing an Android handset later this year apparently, however it’s looking likely next Tuesday will usher in the Diamond model, a 2.8″ touchscreen HSDPA mobile, the first of the HTC clan to run on Windows Mobile 6.1….

Yesterday's technology, pimped with £40k worth of jewels – the Nokia E90

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Back when the Mobile World Congress was known as 3GSM, Nokia announced a business handset called the E90. Ring a bell? It should, it was only last February!

A year later, and the smartphone has turned bling, getting a posh makeover with 408 diamonds and an 18-carat white gold casing. Someone should tell the designer, Peter Aloisson, that it’s best to pimp recent handsets, as I doubt anyone will want to shell out £40,000 for year-old technology. Regardless of the bling-a-ring-ring….

Get P Diddy on the phone, Tiffany & Co. has created a $94k mobile handset!

tiffany-phone%282%29.jpgThat, my friends, is what you’re going to be buying your loved one this Valentine’s Day. What, are you balking at the $94,000 price-tag? DO YOU NOT LOVE YOUR OTHER HALF THAT MUCH?! Shame on you, I hope he/she gives you one of these next week, then.

This phone, which you can guarantee Nicolas Sarkoz will be buying for Carla Bruni next week, was created by jewellery makers Tiffany & Co., and Softbank Mobile. Whilst the press release issued…

Bejewelled washing machine by Samsung uses same technology used in making diamonds

samsung-washing-machine.jpgIf there’s any product photo which has originated from Asia that’ll send all the readers of Idiot Toys into a spin, it’d be this one here. Yes, she’s a gorgeous woman in a wedding dress, modelling a washing machine. No, she probably won’t wash your M&S pants for free, but worth a try perhaps?

Samsung has partnered with a famous jeweller – no word who – and created the Hauzen, which uses technology…