Orange adds HP Compaq Mini 700 and Toshiba L300 to its 'connected' product line


Since November, Orange has been offering the Eee PC 901, complete with a 3G module, for £25 a month on a two-year contract. It’s an interesting blend of the mobile phone and PC business models, and has presumably proved successful, because the company is rolling out more laptops.

The HP Compaq Mini 700 and the Toshiba L300 have been added to the available range. You’ll get the former for £30 a month, and the latter for £35. They both come with the ‘internet everywhere’ service – meaning ‘everywhere you can get a phone signal’, anyway. That gives 3GB of monthly data allowance – not a great deal for heavy users.

Vodafone's IOU – a £2 PAYG credit loan when you're embarrassingly short of funds


Vodafone’s IOU service will channel an extra £2 of credit into your account when you run out, should you be out of mobile communication beans and simply HAVE to send that final sexy text before bed time.

There’s a catch, though – in return for handing you a £2 mobile loan, Vodafone will want it back the next time you top up, along with a 30p service charge. Vodafone has thought it through and will have you by the balls…

iPhone 3G in the UK: New tariffs, free on selected plans, pay and go coming, biz plans

O2 has announced initial pricing details for the iPhone 3G, and it’s all looking good.

Look, there’s a new £30 per month tariff — that’s £5 cheaper than before. It’s pretty stingy on minutes and texts, but if you’re getting the iPhone primarily for surfing, you won’t care.

The 8GB iPhone is FREE on £45 and £75 per month tariffs, or £99 on the £30 and £35 per month ones…

Dreamworks kills off HD DVD titles, no Blu-ray until the summer


Yesterday, over at HDTV UK, I responded to the news that Dreamworks somehow remained tied to the HD DVD format, despite Toshiba effectively killing it off.

Today, Dreamworks has announced that it’s killing off the HD DVD format, by not releasing any currently planned or future discs in the format. However, for either contractual or technical reasons — I’m not sure which — they won’t be producing Blu-ray discs until the summer.

Poll: Bought the iPhone? Have you unlocked it, or just succumbed to O2's network?

It's been four days since the iPhone went on sale here in Europe, and what Tech Digest is wondering is…have you unlocked yours? Obviously the iPhone is exclusive to O2, but with the 'jailbreak' hack, users can unlock it to work on any chosen network.

Or is that wrong in your eyes? Are you happy to pay O2 £35 a month for the privilege of their crummy reception and….