Mobile gets cuddly with the concept Soft Phone


When Motorola first released the RAZR, there was much talk about its metallic-sheen and laser-etched keypad. But metal is SO 2005 when it comes to mobile handsets. The hot new thing in the mobile arena is electronic fabric. Well, it is if you ask designer Qian Jiang.

One day, hopefully we can replace old Polaroids with this digital Polaroid photo frame

Polaroid may’ve committed suicide just last week, but designer David Friedman over at Ironic Sans has drawn (ok, Adobe Illustrated) up a conceptual digital Polaroid idea, similar to a poxy digital photo frame but obviously with that now-retro appeal.

Photos can be loaded onto the Polaroid by the memory card slot at the bottom of the frame, and with the touch-screen, you can choose…

Chute eco-friendly smartphone by Michael Laut

Instead of the usual assortment of metal, glass and plastic, how would you like a smartphone made of bamboo? That’s what you would get if the Chute smartphone went into production.

Television gets arty with the TV Easel

Let’s be honest, TVs on walls look a bit odd and most TV stands seem to have been designed sometime in the mid-1980s. But don’t despair – the TV Easel might soon be here.

Guess the function of the thing!

Is it a wall clock? An interactive work of art? A barometer of some sort? The new Rubik puzzle that’s going to be the next big thing for Christmas of 2008? Or is it an ancient alien artefact just dug out of a hole on the surface of Mars by the Discovery rover?


Classical musicians gets computer-friendly with the EMS

I don’t even pretend to be a classical music expert, but do occasionally channel surf into the BBC’s Proms coverage, watching as a conductor stumbles onto the stage armed with several volumes of sheet music. A sight that might not last much longer if the EMS catches on.