Concept music phone transforms into a small box


I’s weird seeing crazy concept products – there’s a “whoa! how awesome is that?” rush, followed by a quick “oh. It’s just a concept.” realization. This phone – the “Box To Play” from Japan’s KDDI AU Design Project – looks amazing but will likely never see life outside a laboratory…

Plica dual-screen mobile phone concept


Mobile phones becoming ever more like powerful mini computers is even more apparent on the Plica than on the likes of the iPhone or Nokia N95.

Though only a concept at present, the idea is appealing. Take two decent-sized screens, one of which can be used for touch input, and the other for display. Reminiscent of the Nintendo DS, particularly when opened out in mini-notebook style, the entire virtual keyboard can be used horizontally, allowing for greater typing accuracy. Of course, other methods of input would simply be a software change away…

Tetris comes to an exciting new format – ice cubes


It’s one of those ideas. One of those ideas you look at and think “Gosh, what a clever idea!” and possibly even wish you’d thought of it yourself.

You then also wish you had the Photoshop/Illustrator skills to knock together a concept image of your amazing idea, because you could then put it…

Most beautiful MacBook concept to date – check out the blue LEDs! Phwroar!


Steve Jobs sure did disappoint at the WWDC event last week, didn’t he? Not only did he announce an underwhelming iPhone, he also failed to announce new MacBooks which we were all expecting.

Perhaps if we drop enough hints he’ll realise what we really want from a MacBook is a slim exterior, with…blue LEDs! Hey, if it worked for Tron, it can work for Apple, with the above concept being at the pinnacle of hope for a new range….

Peekaboo Pole Dancing concept game for the Wii: I’d like to see Reggie slide on that


Currently seeking a partner to help license their concept, Peekaboo Pole Dancing has sent out an email announcing their idea for a Wii game that’d have you ‘shake your booty’ and ‘spin your thing’.

Little else is said about the project, only that it’s a concept, and ‘A-list celebs’ like Carmen Electra, Kylie Minogue, the Spice Girls and Pussycat Dolls are already fans of the company, who currently sell portable dance poles.

Somehow I just don’t see this idea, ahem, sliding with Nintendo’s family-friendly…

Float Away – the laptop that doesn't overheat


Despite all the advancements in laptop design, there’s one thing we’re still stuck with – warm lap syndrome. Yes, your average laptop can keep you warm on a cold winter’s day – but that’s not necessarily a good thing. And it’s something that the Float Away laptop could end.

Eazzzy digital camera concept with USB stick transfer


Now this is a novel idea. Sure, it’s a mere concept for now, but creator Sung Woo Park definitely knows what floats our boat, with the ‘Eazzzy’. It may have three ‘z’ letters in it, but the idea is by no means a snooze.

The Eazzzy doesn’t contain a viewfinder or any bells and whistles, but what it does feature is a USB connector, for more than easy transfer of your photo files to your PC. It’s got a disposable…