Gallery: Top 10 All-in-One PCs

1 Apple iMac 24-inch

No surprises that I’ve put the Apple iMac at the top of the pile, not simply for its current incarnation but because Apple has been making all-in-one desktop machines for years now.

Sometimes a little quirky, always Apple, these all-in-ones have had their critics but there’s no denying their appeal for those that want stylish design in a single unit.

The current iMac features a 24-inch widescreen display, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, up to 8GB RAM, and gorgeous aluminium body. Yes, you’re paying for Apple-ness, but they’re gorgeous aren’t they? Read more

UPDATED: HANNspree gets involved in the netbook market


The maker of weird and wonderful monitors, TVs and assorted tech, HANNspree, has announced its plans to get involved in the old netbook game. ‘Ardest game in the world, that is.

The Taiwan based company is promising to use their “expertise in unique design and quality display manufacturing to create, what we believe, will be the new fashion accessory for the modern gadget lover that demands style”. Not sure if that means making a computer that looks like a hamburger or not. That’s as specific as they’ve got on looks.

What they have told us is that it’ll have a 10″ LCD display, a full size keyboard, a 1.3MP Webcam, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It’ll also come with a 6-cell battery, weigh 1.2kg and cost just £289, and that sounds like a bit of a bargain to me, provided as it doesn’t look too silly. I’m intrigued, and so should you be.

Updated: I stand utterly corrected. It appears to be called the HANNSnote and it’ll be available in a comparatively conservative look in both black and white rather like these ones:



Asus Eee PC 1000HE Review:

Dell Studio XPS 435 – good looking outside meets turbo charged innards

If Dell is trying to shed their “stack ’em high, sell ’em cheap” image this year, then they’ve managed it with the release of the Adamo notebook and today with the Studio XPS 435 desktop computer.

The names of the game for this machine that starts off at £1,699 are power and future-proofing but the latter of those is rather a dangerous call to make in any field of consumer tech. Your vision of the future will look just as dated as any other machine in two or three years’ time. So, let’s just call the XPS 435 what it is – an expensive, good looking piece of fun.

So, click on the image below for the full tour…

GE creates 500GB holographic storage disc


It seems that every other month someone’s coming out with the prototype of a disc that can store X times more than a DVD/Blu-ray. I was actually thinking of making one myself with a stack of blank BDs and some blu-tac but then GE put together a method of storing 500GB using holographic disc storage which is much more interesting.

Instead of etching 2D patterns into the surface, holographic technology uses a three dimensional process with the disc acting like a maze of microscopic mirrors giving a depth to the optical layer where all the data is stored. GE expects them to be introduced by 2012 but the real key is, of course, how expense they will be.

Blu-rays began as $1 per GB when they first came out dropping to something closer to half that today. GE hopes these holographic discs will be 10 cents per GB, so a much more affordable $5 for the whole thing.

The thing I can’t help wondering, though, is whether there’s really a viable future in optical storage? Between SSDs and cloud computing, I was hoping to rid myself of discs by 2012.

(via NYT)

Asus launches F70: World's First 17.3" laptop


This is not a joke. This is a banana. Although it may as well be a picture of the Asus F70 laptop launched today as the world’s first 17.3″, 16:9 LED widescreen, portable computer. According to the specs, it’s a very decent machine. I’m not posting a picture of it not to protect you from its terrible ugliness but to shield you from its hideous averageness. It’s a flat, grey cuboid. You can go and have a look if you like but consider yourself warned.

Stone Neo 101 netbook skims into view


Adding to the plethora of netbooks on the market comes the Stone Neo 101, a compact machine sporting an Intel Atom processor.

It features a 10.1-inch widescreen display capable of 1,024 x 600 resolution and a keyboard that’s 90% the size of a standard one, meaning typing should still remain fairly accurate. Connectivity includes Wi-Fi card and optional internal 3G module, and there are two USB ports and a 34mm PCI-Express Card expansion slot…

GALLERY: Acer Aspire Revo – the nettop with NVIDIA graphics power

Well, it seems wherever Asus goes, Acer can follow and, with the likes of the 11.6″ Aspire One and the AspireRevo nettop, it looks like they’re doing it better too.

The Revo runs on an Intel Atom 230 processor with the NVIDIA ION graphics processor, the idea being to give it quiet, economic performance but with 10x the graphics power of most small computers. It’ll even run Vista, so I’d recommend Windows 7.

The plan is that you can use it as a media centre for 1080p HD content, for a good degree of gaming, for VoIP use and all backed up by up to 4GB of DDR2 and the choice of a SATA HDD or an SSD.

Click the picture below for a closer look

10" Netbooks go HD with the 720p-capable Dell Mini 10


The world of netbooks has finally made it to high-definition with the announcement from Dell that its Mini 10 netbook is being souped up. Within a week or so, the option to go to a 1366×768 display resolution, which is ample for displaying 720p movies, will be offered.

Best of all, that spec jump will cost just $35 more (£24 or so). Wireless 802.11n will also be offered, alongside Bluetooth 2.1, a speedier processor and more capacious hard drive. You’ll still be stuck with Windows XP and a measly non-upgradable 1GB of RAM, though.

The new specs are available right now in the USA, so a UK launch can’t be far off.

Customisation page (via TrustedReviews)

RUMOUR: MacBook Mini pictures & specs


Some very fishy imagery of a 10.4-inch MacBook Mini is bouncing around the intertubes after publication of the details in a Russian magazine. The two things to bear in my mind before you get too excited are that 1) the images look a little on the artificial side and 2) it is April Fool’s day on Wednesday. That said, indulge your eyes and inner geek:

  • 10.4″ WXGA display.
  • 1280 x 768 pixel with LED backlighting.
  • Intel Atom Z740 1.83GHz with 1MB L2 cache.
  • 2GB DDR3-800.
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
  • 64GB Solid State Drive.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n
  • 1 x USB 2.0
  • 1 x Mini Display Port
  • Battery Li-Ion 5100mA

I like the look of the LED backlighting, the connectivity, high-end Atom, good chunk of RAM and the SSD is good enough to me too. What I find suspicious, though, is that that’s exactly what you’d expect. There are no surprises at all and that’s very un-Apple. There’s usually either a glaring omission or a stroke of genius. This MacBook Mini has neither.

If indeed this is true, then the word is $899 some time this year.


(via MacRumours)

Asus plans netbook with optical drive


All the pillars that we once knew as hallmarks of netbookiness are crumbling. Screen sizes now go up to 12.1″, the Atom processor is being seen less and less regularly, solid state drives are rare and now Asus is bringing out a model with an optical drive attached!

The E1004DN will have an optical drive, as well as an Intel Atom N280 CPU paired with GN40 chipset, and a 120GB hard drive. It’ll be out mid-April in Taiwan and will cost NT$18,000-20,000, which is about £375 or so in quids.

(via Digitimes)