Another Xpress Music phone from Nokia – the 5730, with QWERTY keyboard!


Although I’m violently opposed to Comes with Music’s DRM, sometimes nasty things come in nice packages. This is the Nokia 5730 Xpress Music, straight outta Russia. It’s packing an awesome dot-matrix-effect QWERTY keyboard, 2″ screen, 1,000mAh battery, GPS, 128MB of RAM and USB/Bluetooth connectivity.

Interestingly it doesn’t have 3G – just EDGE – so downloading music on the device won’t be fun. It’ll be showing up in European markets this April for €220 (£204). I’m afraid we’ve not got anything more specific on the release date. If you can uninstall the “Comes with Music” software, and don’t need 3G, then this isn’t too bad a phone.

(via Engadget)

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Comes with Music hits the bargain bins


Well, if we needed further confirmation that Nokia’s all-you-can-eat digital music service wasn’t selling too well, then this is it. Despite a massive advertising campaign, Carphone Warehouse has discounted the service by £45, over a third of the price, so you can now get “Comes with Music” on a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic for just £82.18.

It might sound good – that works out at 23p a day for a year of unlimited music – but the catch is that you can only listen to the songs on that phone, and on one Windows PC. For most people, who transfer music between a multitude of devices, that’s useless.

If you need a new phone, you’re happy to listen to a mostly mainstream selection of music on bad earbuds (no 3.5mm jack, so you’re stuck with the included earbuds), and you don’t mind paying £80 for the privelege, then this is a good deal. Otherwise, steer clear.

Comes with Music (via ITProPortal)

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Nokia's "Comes with Music" DRM cracked


Rejoice, those of you with a “Comes with Music” subscription. You’ll now be able to strip the DRM off the tracks that, remember, you’ve paid for – and use them whenever and wherever you like. In all honesty, I’m surprised it took this long.

The software you’ll need is Tunebite. It costs £17.50 (or free, see below), and works by playing back the song at a very high speed, and then copying the data that comes out onto an MP3 file. It’s a bit like holding up a tape recorder next to your speakers, but retaining all the quality of the original file.

NOISE GATE: Why music subscription services will eventually work


This is the second installment of Noisegate, my weekly column on digital music. If you’re interested, then you can find last week’s, as well as future weeks’ columns right here.

This week I’m going to talk about subscription services and mobile phones. With the launch of Nokia’s “Comes with Music” expected this Thursday, and Sony Ericsson’s “PlayNow” service expected soon, too, I thought now would be a good time to muse on whether subscription services will ever really work in the long term.

Sony Ericsson to launch mobile music service in a stunning display of originality


Sony Ericsson’s fortunes and market share have been declining of late, there are rumours floating around that they’re thinking about launching a mobile music service to fix things called “Me Too”. Just kidding. It’s actually called “Playnow”, named after their existing “Playnow Arena” a-la-carte download service available only in Scandinavia…

Nokia "Comes With Music" coming to the UK first via Carphone Warehouse


Nokia has announced that its “Comes With Music” service, which it has been signing up music companies for several months now, will go live in the UK… sometime in October.

Yes, this “groundbreaking music service” is still keeping the nitty-gritty details about itself hidden. What we do know is that The Carphone Warehouse will be the exclusive pre-pay retailer for the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic “Comes With Music” edition, and begins taking pre-orders for it today. Presumably, though not confirmed, consumers will be able to use other Nokia multimedia handsets as well — you know, ones that are less than a year old…