Logitech G18 spotted – a new gaming keyboard?


Despite not owning one personally, I’m a big fan of the Logitech G15 keyboards. The LCD display and macro buttons really rule the roost when it comes to gaming keyboards. Info has leaked out this morning, however, about a successor, which seems to be called the G18.

From the image above, we can tell a few things. It’s got double the number of macro keys on the left hand side (6 to 12), some sort of D-pad, and nicest of all, a full-colour LCD screen, replacing the G15’s single-colour LCD.

When we spoke to Logitech this morning, they had no comment, so this is probably a few months away from being announced, but we’ll have the full details, and a full review, as soon as it’s released.

(via Engadget China)

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Pure launches its EVOKE Mio DAB & FM radio, a coloured-in update of the EVOKE-1S


The Pure EVOKE Mio comes in six “striking” colours – chilli (red?), chocolate (brown?), moss (green?), nicotine (yellow?), candy (pink?) and midnight (black?) – with the leather-esque front of each unit colour-coded so it’s as much fun to look at as listen to. Almost.

One of those colours is fictional, by the way. Can you guess which? That’s today’s FUN QUIZ! The Mio is rechargeable, apparently…

Sony reveals Vaio CS11 in lots of colours, particularly "bubblegum pink"


Of all the colours, we’d imagine it’ll be the bubblegum pink model that will be discounted first. That’ll have £100 knocked off its price after three months when they start piling up in the showrooms.

Then the brown one will come down in price, as we’d imagine not many people want brown laptops either.

But! What people do want at the moment is cheap, low-spec netbooks…

Dell introduce their smallest desktop colour laser printer 1320c

dell_colour_laser_printer_1320c.jpgDell has announced the launch of its new Colour Laser Printer 1320c, its smallest ever printer designed to fit on your desk.

Designed to replace the current 3010cn, it offers three times the colour print speed, at up to 12 colour A4 pages per minute, in a more compact design and costing £226.OI

It can also print in black and white at up to 16 A4 pages per minute. It has just two buttons to control it, and features side loading toners which are simple to fit and promise to be mess-free.