CES 2009: Victorinox presents the Presentation Pro Swiss Army Knife


Many of the companies exhibiting at CES have been going for years, but one company is making its first trip – Switzerland’s Victorinox. The makers of the original Swiss Army Knife are exhibiting this – the “Presentation Pro”, which comes with a flip-out 32GB USB drive.

Your data will be protected by a fingerprint scanner, and there’s a laser pointer and bluetooth remote, as well as the standard knife, scissors and nail file. It’ll be shipping in May in the US, and it’ll cost $330 (£216). Just don’t take it on business trips abroad.

Victorinox (via Engadget)

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CES 2009: Samsung reveals huge range of new LCD and plasma HD tellies


I knew that not long after reeling off LG’s massive line of new HDTVs then along would come someone else with lots of TVs to brag about.

That’s Samsung.

Here we go, then, with the latest high definition TVs from the South Korean technology giant.

First on the list is the new 8000, 7000, and 6000 Series of LED HDTVs which boast better environmental credentials and over 40% less energy usage to LCD TVs of a similar size. Fortunately, Dan’s already done a sterling job reviewing these tellies so I’ll move on to Samsung’s other new displays…

CES 2009: Pioneer unveils new Blu-ray and upconverting DVD players, new AV receivers


Pioneer has been showing off its latest range of Blu-ray players, upconverting DVD player, and AV receivers.

First up is a new collection of advanced Blu-ray players, all capable of handling BD Live for advanced disc features.

The BDP-120 and BDP-320 are aimed at consumers who want a simple high definition disc player right out of the box and come with 1GB of memory (either via a flash drive or internal memory), full BD-Live functionality, USB and Ethernet ports, True24FPS feature for realistic reproduction of discs recorded at 24fps, full support of all high resolution audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD bitstream output, and up to 7.1-channel analogue output…

CES 2009: Touch screen gadgets alienate blind tech fans, says schoolground blind icon Stevie Wonder


It’s all well and good you sitting there, staring at the Palm Pre and imagining yourself navigating its menus after having successfully blagged one for free off your provider, but what about the needs of the blind? You haven’t considered them at all, have you, you selfish little shit?

That’s an issue Stevie Wonder is in Las Vegas to raise, highlighting the fact that the new wave of touch screen gadgets is making many of today’s hot new electric toys impossible for blind users to operate…

CES 2009: Thrustmaster T.16000M joystick


I’ve just had a quick look in the archives, and it’s been a long time since we covered an actual joystick product, as opposed to some sort of joystick-related piece of art or hackery. For the few of you who still use a joystick, then (flight sim enthusiasts?), here’s the Thrustmaster T.16000M.

It’s got some brand new tech, called H.E.A.R.T., which pretends to stand for “Hall Effect AccuRate Technology”. Some “Hall Effect” magnets sit on the stick, giving the sensors far more precision than most other joysticks. On each axis, there’s over 16,000 different values. That’s a little ridiculous, but might be worth buying if the person with the steadiest hands in the world is your Secret Santa next year, and is a big flight-sim enthusiast.

The T.16000M is ambidextrous, comes with 16 action buttons, and offers a wide hand rest and weighted base as additional features. It’ll be available in February and cost £50. That seems fairly cheap. Maybe I should give it a shot.

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CES 2009: The Fat Lady from Morel – the speaker that sings


There was a chap sitting next to me on the plane on the way out here from a company named Morel. It didn’t surprise me that he turned out to be a CES 2009 exhibitor of a high end audio product after he pulled out a pair of electrostatic membrane in-ear headphones to plug into his arm rest. What did surprise me was that his product, The Fat Lady, won an award for innovation here at Vegas and, fortunately, I had a few hours for it to be explained to me in detail, and this is how it goes…

There’s two reasons why these loudspeakers are called The Fat Lady. The obvious one is that they’re shaped like the curves of a voluptuous woman. What’s more the drive units were made in house to make sure the output matched and perfectly compliemented the cabinet shape and acoustics. The second reason, however, is the more important of the two…

CES 2009: Mindflex

This has blown my mind. I'm sitting here, mind blown, and it's only day two of the show. Where to go from here? This game, called the Mindflex, allows you to control the levitation of a ball, using just your mind. I know, right?

CES 2009: Sony shows off three more Cyber-shot compact digital cameras


Sony may have revealed its Cybershot G3 Wi-Fi enabled camera which we (apparently) are not going to get a sniff off in the UK, but we’ve got three Cyber-shot cameras of our own to keep us busy.

I’m not sure if these have been shown at CES or not, but everything else seems to have been, so this is where I’ll pretend we’ve seen them first.

The W210, W220 and S950 are compact digital cameras with a fairly standard set of features. Is it worth getting excited about them? Read on and find out.

The Cyber-shot W210 and W220 models both offer 12.1 megapixels, Carl Zeiss lens, 4x optical zoom, smile shutter and face detection (so hopefully you’ll catch shiny happy people in your photos), intelligent scene recognition, 30mm wide angle lens, and a range of body colours – silver, black, blue, pink and green, depending on the model…