CES 2008 Roundup: Tuesday


It’s the end of Day Two proper at CES, and Team Shiny has fanned out across the various halls to ferret out the most important products (and a fair few fun ones too). The pick of today’s posts follow, with all the others after the jump. Right, we’re off for some indie-dancing at the Mirage’s Revolution bar, if anyone fancies it…

CES 2008: The 25 coolest cars at CES


There’s an entire hall devoted to in-car stuff at CES, complete with many cars showcasing the exhibitors’ kit. If you want detailed specs and information, you’ll have to go to a proper motorblog – it’s all about the CarPorn photos here. See below for my pick of the coolest 25 motors at the show.

1. (above) For some reason this makes me think of Star Wars.

NOT CES 2008: Exclusive video of what WON'T be in Las Vegas this year

Hey everyone. What with all the talk of this “CES” thing that’s going on at the moment, I thought I’d give you an EXCLUSIVE look at a few of the products that won’t be on the show floor this year.

I’ll be revealing a two-year-old TV with NO HDMI sockets on it whatsoever, a six-year-old games console and a literally ancient digital cable box that’s definitely NOT rocking the crowds at the Vegas Convention Centre right now.

You won’t see these anywhere else! (apart from maybe at a dump or really poor friend’s house).