Marantz serves up new amplifiers, tuner, CD player


Feel like stocking up on Marantz goodness? Well, the latest slew of separates could be for you.

The company has announced three new amplifiers, a new CD player, and an AM/FM tuner.

Central to a decent hi-fi system is the amplifier, and Marantz has three to choose from. Power wise, the PM5003 kicks out 40W x 2 at 8Ω or 55W x 2 at 4Ω, while the PM7003 and PM8003 offer 70W or 100W x 2. Available for around £150, £300, and £450 respectively…

PrimaLuna launches ProLogue Eight valve-based CD player


PrimaLuna has announced its new CD player, claiming a world first by incorporating a valve-based data clocking device — the Super Tube Clock. This dramatically reduces jitter and creates a uniquely clear, spacious, dynamic sound, as you’d only get from a valve-based amplifier.

State-of-the-art components include Burr-Brown upsampling circuitry and digital-to-analogue converters, ensuring the best quality signal is passed to the valves…

CES 2007: Pioneer's cheap-as-chips single CD player lines

pioneer.jpgPerhaps not of interest to us London-dwelling public-transport using folk, those who rely on their cars for transport will be pleased to note that Pioneer, the leaders in in-car audio, have announced a new line of video, navigation, and audio products which will hopefully be affordable for all. Featuring two new audio/video players, 14 car stereos, and a couple of in-dash navigation systems, there’s something that will suit every form of commuter. The new single-CD player lines start at just $100, and work alongside your mobile phone, so when it rings, the stereo will instantly mute, allowing the call to be easily answered. The players have XM/Sirius support on all models, and are compatible with all music devices available, through USB connectivity, Bluetooth compatibility, Direct iPod control, and auxiliary inputs.