Shiny Video Review: LG KC910 Renoir

In the video above, Dan takes a butcher’s at LG KC910 Renoir, an eight megapixel cameraphone. It’s got blink detection (which completely fails to work when Dan tries it) and smile detection, demonstrated by a rather attractive, if a little grumpy, young man.

If you want one, keep your eyes peeled – it’ll be out later this month. Don’t expect to get it cheap, mind…

LG Mobiles

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Google working on improved image searching for a trillion online pictures


According to Google, almost one trillion images now exist online, thanks to the explosion in popularity of digital cameras and camera phones. and the company is looking at ways to improve how users can search for the pictures they want.

Currently, Google’s image search relies on textual information stored in and around images on web pages. This is fine to a point, but not only does it have the potential to be abused by people trying to make their web pages more popular, but it relies on a human to correctly categorise a picture and what it contains…

Chunky Nokia cameraphone patent discovered, looks a bit retro, N85 coming?


There’s something chunky and slightly retro about the latest patent to escape from Nokia. The slider phone itself looks reasonably up-to-date, but that swivelling camera on top is decidedly blocky, and either fell out of a Duplo set or travelled forward in time about three decades. (OK it could’ve come off a Nokia N90.)

Nevertheless, the potential specs are 21st century enough, with the rotatable camera snapping a minimum of five megapixel images, if not six…

Sony Ericsson could use mobile phone camera as motion controller for gaming


Proof there’s more than one way to skin a cat, with news that Sony Ericsson could utilise the cameras on its mobile phones to act as an iPhone-like motion sensor, which could then be used to control games.

They’ve partnered with GestureTek, a Californian company, to add software to their handsets from September, and it’s possible that existing phones could also use the technology provided their software can be updated.