Nokia's Ovi swings open – let the downloading commence


Calling all S60 heads out there – Ovi is open for business. Nokia’s app store has flung its doors open this morning for downloads via the website or over the air. The will be billing taken care of by credit card or by being added on to the monthly letter from your mobile service provider. How kind.

Fifty million folk will see the Ovi app downloadable in the Downloads! section of their S60 handsets, so check now to make sure that your phone of choice supports it. You can receive the app in English, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish, and the platform billing is supported in its entirety by operators in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Spain and the good old Blighty. America will have to wait but AT&T is already laying down the corporate red carpet quotes with that age old launch date of “later this year”.

As promised, all the apps are available in one place with mapping and N-gage all brought under the same umbrella. There’s a bunch of freeware as well as the paid for content. Expect it to be flooded with more programs and the web awash with top tens as the minutes go by.

Ovi Store (via Nokia Press Room)

3G iPhone June launch date confirmed as 100% FACT by, er, AT&T cancelling its employee holiday


American exclusive iPhone supplier AT&T has given the world its iPhone Rumour of the Day today, thanks to an internal email.

The phone company has asked its employees not to book any holiday between the dates of June 15 and July 12 – presumably, as the blogosphere is now presenting as 100% confirmation, because the 3G iPhone is indeed coming in June and it’s going to be ALL HANDS TO THE DECK to cope…

AT&T first retailer to purchase Microsoft Surface tables, in store April 17th


Ballmer may be wanting to sell us a Surface this year, however it looks certain that the US mobile carrier AT&T will have the privilege of stocking the touch-table in branches in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta and San Antonio by April the 17th of this year.

When Microsoft first announced it in May of last year, it was promised to be in T-Mobile, Starwood Hotels, Harrah’s casinos and IGN branches by winter. Judging by the AT&T announcement, I’m guessing the deal with rival network T-Mobile didn’t follow through.

Customers in the four aforementioned branches of AT&T will be able to learn more about the available handsets…

US business users get official iPhone tariffs

Though many people, including a good few geeks in company IT departments (sorry, but hey, I used to be one, so it’s justified), have said that the iPhone isn’t a good fit for business users. However, it would seem enough people have been using Apple’s wonder phone for business use — so much so that AT&T has decided to launch a business tariff.

It offers a similar feature set to the personal plans — unlimited data and visual voicemail, plus a varying amount of “free” SMS text messages depending on how much a user (or their company) stumps up per month. In addition, there are additional options for using data while roaming abroad.

It will be interesting to see how many business users are able to take up this offer. They’ll still need to gain the approval of their employer before taking the iPhone out, and that could well remain the sticking point.

AT&T is getting all 1984 on yo' asses, so if you criticise them, you're out

at%26t-logo.jpgWant another reason to dislike those sharks at AT&T? As if the awful mobile reception and huge phone bills weren’t bad enough, stories have surfaced in the past few days about their controversial Terms of Service, which allow the US company to terminate a customer’s service if acts of a defamatory or damaging manner are made against their reputation.

If caught criticising them on blogs, for instance, they reserve the right to terminate your connection completely. A spokesperson for the company however denied they would stoop to censorship…

Apple already selling refurbished iPhones

Apple iPhoneLess than two months after Apple began selling the iPhone in the US through AT&T and Apple Stores, it’s also offering refurbished iPhones on its own web site, retailing at $100 less than their original price.

Selling refurbished products isn’t a new thing for Apple. They’ve been shifting iPods, Macs, and other hardware for years in this way, usually because a customer has returned the product unwanted.