Top Five Gadgets From The Skies Above America


Anyone who loves gadgets and lives in the UK will know of the Innovations catalogue. Sadly it no longer exists, it went out of business a couple of years ago, but it was often found dropping through your letterbox inside the Sunday newspapers.

And what you’d find within its pages were some of the most weird and wonderful gizmos in the world. All the stuff you never really needed (ever) but bought from your hard-earned cash just in case – and because it looked “interesting”. I wasted a fortune back in the days of Innovations and was horrified when it bit the dust.

So imagine my joy last week when I caught an internal flight from Orlando to Miami in the States on American Airlines and found a copy of the SKY MALL catalogue in the pocket in front of my seat. It’s Innovations US-style and I’ve picked my five favourites
over the jump. Best thing about it, even those in the UK can order from it!

Nintendo losing $1.3bn of potential sales thanks to Wii shortages

wi-shortages-worldwide.jpgThat’s enough money to fund all of our fantasy lifestyles, and is the amount a New York Times report says Nintendo is losing out on this year thanks to Wii stock shortages.

James Lin, senior analyst at the MDB Capital Group says Nintendo “could easily sell double what they’re selling” – and it’s playing into the hands of the enemy. Sir Howard Stringer, boss of everything at Sony, said “I’m happy that the Wii seems to be running out…

Virtual Worlds Week: More World of Warcraft gamers in the US than actual farmers

farmer-grass.jpgAccording to tech blog, which understandably has a vested interest in reporting such figures. As do we. Power to the WoW players, I say! I can’t wait until the day when we’re all wandering around IRL, donning battle hats and swords.

Just two million Americans live and work on ranches and farms, however World of Warcraft gamers in the US? Four million. Uh-huh. Power to the people, everyone. So next time someone tries to convince you rural…