RAF told to shoot down UFOs – ex MoD employee spills the space beans


A gentleman who used to work for the Ministry of Defence has said that the RAF has been trying, unsuccessfully, to shoot down UFOs for years.

Nick Pope, who worked on the MoD’s UFO desk for three years, told the Sun:

“We know of cases where the order has been given to shoot down – with little effect to the UFO.”

According to Pope, pilots only open fire if they consider the UFO to be a threat to UK airspace…

AMFE – A Message From Earth: Bebo users to hassle aliens with terrible music and bad gags


To be fair to the Bebo group by the name of A Message From Earth (AMFE), who are about to beam cultural data out into space, their content might actually be quite be good. The question remains though as to whether their intended alienlife targets will actually enjoy it or understand it at all.

The idea is that the group will send 500 multimedia messages, via Alexander Zaitsev and his radio telescope in the Ukraine, out into the black void, directed towards a planet by the name of Gliese 581c and any possible inhabitants. With its distance from a red sun and the likelihood of water, it has the right kind of conditions to support life such as ours…

Recycled motorbikes to Giger Alien furniture


Recycling old car and motorbike parts to make furniture is one thing but trying to eat soup while an Alien is staring up at you is another altogether.

H.R.Giger’s creation and Ripley’s nemesis aren’t usually known for their servile attitudes but somehow the bods at Yes I Can have convinced the concentrated HCL-filled killing machines to do some work for the benefit of mankind by carrying large pieces of glass and allowing us to sit in their laps…

Denver alien footage hits internet!

Denver man, Ron Peckman caused a big stir over the weekend when a lack of anything even remotely exciting happening in the rest of the world saw his bid to form an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission rocket him to the height of news media fame.

Well, actually it was his claim to have genuine footage of an alien prowler that captured most people’s imagination, and of course, we want to see it for ourselves. And, errr, here it is!