Suck up to your iPhone with the iFlyz Media Stand


iFlyz (so named, presumably, because the company manufactures stuff that’s useful on flights) has announced its Media Stand for the iPhone. This ingenious piece of kit is basically a strong sucker (patented suction cap, no less) on a long flexible arm and clamp.

It will attach to the back of an iPhone or iPod Touch by the power of spit, though given my success with suction caps over the year (no rude jokes, please) I’d be wary of trusting it to iPhone’s protected by leather or silicone cases…

Wii Speak gets detailed pricing info


If you’ve been craving the release of Animal Crossing Wii, then you’ll know that it comes bundled with the rather-exciting Wii Speak voice chat system that works as a smart speaker and microphone, so that not everyone needs their own headset. We’ve got the release date (December 5th), but until today, we didn’t know how much the whole bundle was going to cost.

Now, however, I can tell you. The full bundle – Animal Crossing and Wii Speak – will cost £60. Just the Wii Speak bundle will cost £25. Just the game will cost £40. That’s pretty much average for an accessoried game, I suppose. One for my Christmas list, I think.

Wii Speak (via Eurogamer)

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iPhone gets Sleeve: covering from UK Wrappers

iphone_sleeve_uk_wrappers.jpgOne accessory the iPhone isn’t short of is protection. We’ve looked at a lot of iPhone accessories over at iPhonic, and a lot of them are cases.

It’s a popular choice for manufacturers, to the point that a UK company has jumped in on the act with its iPhone Sleeve.

It doesn’t really matter that Brits will be waiting another few months for the iPhone to arrive, as UK Wrappers will happily ship their £12 ($22) suede-like cover to the States.