REVIEW: Disgo 8400G 7.9-inch 3G Android tablet

The race to the bottom of tablet pricing continues, as Disgo offer up their 8400G tablet for a mere £149.99. Considering its 3G connectivity it's a steal, but can this budget offering stand up against its premium rivals? Read on to find out!

REVIEW: Samsung UE32F6400 3D Smart TV

We've seen the flagship 55-inch F8000 3D TV whopper from Samsung, and now we venture into more affordable territory with the 32-inch F6400. With many of the same connected Smart Tv features of its big brother, can it impress in the same way? Read our full review to find out!

REVIEW: Samsung UE55F8000 3D Smart TV

Samsung's latest edge-lit LED TV has every conceivable feature you could care to find in a modern television, from solid 3D performance through to voice controlled apps and an intelligent, attractive EPG. It's also pretty darn expensive. Are its many bells and whistles worth the extra cash? Read our full review to find out!

REVIEW: Star Command (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch)

The long-awaited Kickstarter-funded space-sim Star Command has finally touched down, putting all your Star Trek bridge power fantasies in the palm of your hand. It is however, long overdue. Can it possibly match the weight of expectation loaded upon it? Read our full review to find out!

REVIEW: Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510 gaming headset

Turtle Beach's new Ear Force XP510 is a beast of a gaming headset, boasting wireless connectivity, Dolby Digital Surround Sound and plenty of preset EQ settings. But does anyone need to rage through a Modern Warfare match in a £250 headset? Read on to find out!

REVIEW: Onkyo ES-HF300 over-ear headphones

Home cinema champions Onkyo turn their attentions to the increasingly-competitive headphone market, launching the premium ES-HF300 over-ear cans. Do they live up to the brand's respected home cinema pedigree? Read our full review to find out!

REVIEW: Nvidia GeForce Titan graphics card

Housing the most powerful single GPU in the world, the Nvidia GeForce Titan card is an absolute beast. But is its graphical grunt a match for the dual GPU GTX 690, especially considering its extraordinarily high cost? Check out our full review to find out!

REVIEW: IRISNotes Executive 2 digital note making kit

Put pen to paper to PC or iPad with the IRISNotes Executive 2 kit, letting you digitise and upload your handwritten notes. It's a solid performer, but is it worth the high asking price? Read our full review to find out!

REVIEW: Crucial Ballistix Elite 16GB RAM

A power-user's dream, Crucial's Ballistix Elite RAM packs offer great overclocking potential and neat temperature management. Check our findings on the 16GB pack in our full review.