CES 2010: Final Thoughts

The Consumer Electronics show, the behemoth of tech, the Valhalla of gadgetry, has come and gone for yet another year. But this time, rather than arriving with a bang, it slinked into sight with something more like a whimper. CES…

Wozniak: the iPod is dying, and the iPhone's rubbish


Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple Inc, reckons that the iPod has had its day, and doesn’t like the restrictions Apple have imposed on the iPhone. Wozniak, or Woz as he’s more commonly known, spoke to the Telegraph and said oversupply could bring the iPod down:

“The iPod has sort of lived a long life at number one. Things like, that if you look back to transistor radios and Walkmans, they kind of die out after a while. It’s kind of like everyone has got one or two or three. You get to a point when they are on display everywhere, they get real cheap and they are not selling as much.”

Steve Jobs "I'm an arrogant **** but I'm not sick"


Following Apple’s incredible share price drop caused by recent Steve Jobs health scares, it seems Apple is trying to reassure people that Steve’s A-OK and full of beans, vigour and, we might even suggest, spunk.

Originally, Apple put Steve’s visible weight loss down to a “common bug” – but the truth is, slowly, beginning to out. Thanks to Steve phoning a journalist and giving him the full facts.

“This is Steve Jobs. You think I’m an arrogant…

Interview: Qualcomm CEO says 3G iPhone will raise the bar for mobiles


Ashley Norris writes…

The last time I met Qualcomm’s CEO Paul Jacobs (pictured) in London three years ago he was enthusing about his nascent mobile TV technology MediaFLO. I remember being quite cynical at the time telling him that I thought the Nokia backed DVB-H mobile TV format was a shoe-in for the UK and indeed most of Europe and that he should concentrate on the US.

Well there’s still no sign of any commitment to launch DVB-H in the UK, however MediaFLO is a step closer given that Qualcomm has just spent £8 million on buying some L-band radio spectrum. The official line is that it is to be used testing MediaFLO, but given the close relationship with Sky – the two company’s trialled MediaFLO in Manchester last year – there’s plenty of gossip that a UK launch of MediaFLO isn’t too far away…

Microsoft reinventing Live Search – celeb gossip, maps and books updated to battle the Google machine


Keen to move itself up the public’s list of places they go to find stuff, Microsoft has today revealed a massive rethink and retooling of its Live Search portal.

The headline change – and the one that’ll make you go “Ooh!” the most is its new Live Search Video, which now includes a “motion thumbnail” – a mini 30 second preview of the video on the search result page. Try it here. Hover your mouse over the search results…

Lights went out on Google Israel yesterday


If you missed it Google Israel went all black yesterday in honour of Earth Hour (something to do with raising awareness of energy conservation). Offline, Israelis were invited to turn off their lights from 8pm – 9pm, which is utterly ridiculous. Why not ask people to make sure they leave lights off during the day, rather then ask them to sit in darkness for an hour in the middle of the night?

INTERVIEW: Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive MD, tells us all about Football Manager 2008

Charming Miles, one the the game world's nicest blokes, invited us up to his North London bachelor pad for a barbecue. We had a lovely burger, although the July weather was a bit cold and we regretted not brining a jumper. But that's not the point.

The point is, Miles told us about the most important new features in Football Manager 2008, plus a few of the other "over 100" changes he and SI have made to the man-pleasing footie series. He also revealed the company's plans for console versions – that bit's at the end, so you might want to skip the bulk of it if you're just interested in the PSP or Xbox 360 versions…

Shiny Video Interview: Kat chats to Richard Warmsley, Head of Internet on the Move at T-Mobile UK

Last Thursday I grabbed a few minutes to chat with Richard Warmsley, Head of Internet on the Move at T-Mobile UK, about their Web ‘n Walk, Music Jukebox and other services available to customers. And also to tease him about his straight-to-the-point job title. Hey, it’s better than Communications Manager, non?…