I want one: R2D2 USB Hub

This is so much more than a USB hub. It's my new pet astromech droid – once I buy it, that is!

This animated 4-port USB hub makes R2D2 beeping sounds every 3 minutes and when you plug in a new device. Oh, just watch the video, you'll probably fall in love with it too. It's €43 and available for pre-order on Geekstuf4u.com.

FLX – a little slice of compact USB stick heaven

flx 400 pix.jpg

What’s cute, squidgy and full of information? Trevor MacDonald, but if you’re looking for a more pocket-sized option, you can could always try one of these.

Meet FLX, which is obviously a very naughties, texting culture way of writing “flex”. We’ve no time for vowels in the modern world. Little FLX is neat way of getting the already compact USB stick

Ricky Martin's music infiltrates Micro Memory Kit from Kingston Technology


Kingston Technology are probably not in it for love, but they’ve announced the release of a special edition “Black and White” Mobile Memory Kit, featuring a 1GB microSD card preloaded with a selection of Ricky Martin music, video and mobile phone wallpapers, plus a USB reader.

I don’t care what you say — celebrity endorsed technology products are far more exciting that bog standard gadgetry…