RIM announces the BlackBerry Storm – still no bloody release date though


When is a BlackBerry not a BlackBerry? When it’s a BlackBerry Storm. RIM has strapped on a touchscreen, a 3.2-megapixel camera and those happy faces in the picture above definitely look like members of the consumer market. So, now that the latest incarnation of the mobile e-mail machine has even lost its hardware QWERTY keyboard, what exactly can we expect from this newly launched…

iPhone UK launch: Liveblogging the Apple press conference


So, here we go again. It’s a cold September morning, and yet again, we’re all here, poised, ready and waiting for an Apple announcement. Except this one is slightly different.

We know what the product is. We don’t know who’s going to tell us about it (there are rumours that we’ll get an Actual Steve Sighting) and we’re not entirely sure what the details are going to be (although the smart money is on O2). It’s also UK specific, lending further weight to the iPhone-report stuff. If Steve does turn up, I’m three rows from the front. If the phone does go to O2, I have an O2 contract. And if it’s not an iPhone announcement? Well, we’re all screwed.

IFA 2007: Liveblogging Philips going green

You can't get away from it. The future is green, and any CE company that doesn't react to that isn't going to last much longer. That's why Philips are holding a workshop dedicated to their sustainability. So here we go.

From 2000, coverage of green issues in the media has increased 200%, apparently. It's a hot topic for everyone from Richard & Judy to the Daily Mail. Philips want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Nice soundbite.

IFA 2007: The future of Philips


There’s always th chance to see what’s in R&D for the consumer electronics giants at these things, and today at Philips is no difference. They’ve got a couple of interesting products on display, and of course the inevitable 3D screens. Feeling like I’m feeling today, I can’t look at one for longer than about 3 seconds without wanting to curl up in a corner and rock.