Tech Digest daily roundup: Tesla driver slept with car in autopilot mode


A Tesla driver in Germany has been accused of giving the ‘auto’ in autobahn a new meaning, by putting his car in control as he slept at the wheel. Police claim the driver switched on his Tesla’s autopilot feature, reclined his seat and caught some shut-eye while cruising along the A70 near the Bavarian town of Bamberg. Traffic officers say they attempted to pull over the vehicle for a traffic check but it failed to stop for 15 minutes, despite police repeatedly sounding their horn. In a statement, the Bavarian Police force said: “Officers found that the Tesla driver was reclining in the seat with his eyes closed and his hands off the steering wheel.” Sky News

Electric cars are being driven 1,800 miles more per year than petrol cars despite claims of range anxiety. While petrol cars clock in an average of 4,200 miles, battery-powered cars are being driven 6,000 miles, according to research firm New Automotive, using data from MOT tests. Diesel and petrol cars together average 5,500 miles, the analysis found. Electric cars are about £10,000 more expensive to buy than combustion cars, but offer considerably cheaper mileage. Ben Nelmes, chief executive at New Automotive, said buyers of electric cars are likely to be using them for frequent, short trips. Telegraph 

The calendar has turned to January 1 and Apple has shut down popular weather app Dark Sky as planned. The app was already removed from the App Store in September and it stopped functioning for existing users starting today.

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Apple acquired Dark Sky in March 2020 and it has since incorporated many of the app’s features into the preinstalled Weather app on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Earlier this month, Apple shared a support document with information on how Dark Sky users can use the Weather app, which now offers “hyperlocal” forecasts, including next-hour precipitation, hourly forecasts for the next 10 days, high-resolution radar maps, and severe weather notifications. Mac Rumors

Hundreds of thousands people with type 1 diabetes in England are now using a “life-changing” gadget to help them manage their condition, health leaders have said. NHS England said that more than 200,000 patients are now using non-invasive glucose monitoring devices, up by around 50,000 since the spring. These devices allow patients to monitor their blood sugars through an app without having to take a finger-prick test or scan using a different type of monitor. Yahoo!

The head of Nasa has warned that China may attempt to claim territory on the Moon if it beats the US to setting up permanent bases on the lunar surface. Bill Nelson, who took over the US space agency in 2021, said the US is in a new space race with China and that geopolitical tensions between the two countries on Earth could extend to the Moon. “It is a fact, we’re in a space race,” Mr Nelson told Politico. “And it is true that we better watch out that they don’t get to a place on the Moon under the guise of scientific research.” Independent

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