How PMP certification can boost your career?


There’s cut-throat competition in today’s business world for all working professionals, especially those yet to kickstart their career. Not only are employers looking for hard-working employees, but also demand better leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

With growing demands and expectations, a simple bachelor’s degree barely suffices. There is a need for employees to ramp up their skills and make their profiles stand out from the crowd. They need to learn and inculcate new skills to grow within their current organizations or pave way for new and better opportunities. This is where a career-boosting and highly beneficial Project Management Professional helps.

What is the PMP Certification?

A Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate validates an individual’s expertise in project management skills. Fast globalization and rapidly changing technologies lead to projects of small and large sizes being undertaken, creating massive demands for people who are talented enough to implement and lead different aspects of the project.

A PMP-certified professional is expected to have good knowledge in the following domains to assure successful projects:

  • Integration
  • Time
  • Cost Management
  • Human Resources
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Communications
  • Risk Management & Problem-solving

A PMP Certificate demonstrates and proves an individual’s capacity to have expert knowledge in all these areas. It also implies that a PMP Certified employee possesses a higher level of competency than non-certified managers. Besides this, the main highlight of the PMP Certification is its global recognition, meaning, it holds a lot of value in all companies around the globe and is a benchmark of project management expertise.

Advantages of PMP Certification

Many PMP aspirants are in doubt whether to pursue a PMP certification or not. They are hesitant about the cost, time, and worth. Since attaining the certification requires a lot of dedication and hard work, they want to be sure regarding its future benefits and ensure that their efforts will have a fruitful outcome.

There are multiple benefits in pursuing a PMP Certification not merely from a career perspective but also a personality development point of view.

Here is how a PMP Certificate can boost your career: –

  1. Improved Career Opportunities

With the added skills and knowledge that PMP training can do, a working professional will get to work beyond his/her usual job role. They can get opportunities to be involved in esteemed and large-scale projects. Handling such responsibilities and getting them reflected in the resume can be a stepping stone in one’s career.

The individual does not only grow in his/her current organization, but it also opens doors to new career opportunities. Since the PMP certificate is widely acknowledged across various sectors, an individual can get a chance to expand his/her horizons as well. Undoubtedly, the best jobs are reserved for those who have better knowledge and updated skills, which is why certified project managers are preferred than their counterparts.

  1. Monetary Benefits

The remuneration and other benefits are motivating factors for all working professionals. Everyone aims to have a handsome salary and live a luxurious life. With a PMP Certificate in hand, professionals are bound to receive a decent salary and the numbers prove that. According to PMI Survey, the average salary of a PMP certified professional is $100,000.

The salary also varies between different sectors. Since all sectors require project managers, PMP Certified professionals can make their own choice when it comes to monetary benefits.

  1. Career Flexibility

Many employees wish to or have already decided to pursue a different career path. However, this is easier said than done. Switching to a new career landscape is not at all easy. It comes with a lot of risks. In their search, there is one thing that remains common: every company needs project managers no matter what the business.

As mentioned before, the PMP Certificate is acknowledged across all sectors and industries. They include banking, IT, Hospitality, Healthcare, staffing, and many others. A PMP Certificate can help one to grab a good job in any of these sectors since they all have a demand for skilled project managers.

  1. Credibility

A PMP Certificate uplifts one’s resume by adding credibility to their skill set, work experience, knowledge as well as their potential. More so, when any hiring employer sees an added certificate in a resume, they instantly get an idea about their will and dedication towards their career.

The certification is especially valuable for beginners in the field of project management. It allows them to prove their capabilities and knowledge. Moreover, the certificate will increase their professional reputation and win them better opportunities.

  1. Personal Development

An individual is much more than his/her professional achievements. They have their own material and social recognition needs. The fact is, there are many ways one’s career can affect one’s personal life as well. When a person has a great professional life and is happy with his/her work life it leads them to remain positive, happy, and healthy.

Better skills and knowledge also boost one’s self-confidence and self-worth. A handsome salary can also improve the quality of living and one can better sustain their family.

  1. Networking Opportunities

PMI, at present, has around 773,840 skilled PMP Certificate holders around the globe. One can become an active member of this community after earning their certification. PMI masterminds organize frequent seminars in significant urban areas over the world. These gatherings are arranged to enable the individuals to win Professional Development Units (PDUs). These units are expected to satisfy Continuing Certification Requirements, additionally called as CCRs. These are fundamental to sustain the certification for three years.

The advantages of meetings and networking are many. During these gatherings, one can become more acquainted with new job opportunities shared by the members. Hence, PMI gatherings also provide an explicit opportunity to promote jobs. Furthermore, there are other platforms on the web and offline networks through which PMPs connect with one another making it easier to build contacts. 


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