Google Maps to offer cycling and ride-sharing options

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Finding the fastest way from A to B across multiple modes of transport is about to get easier with the latest update on Google Maps.

The app will now allow users to pair transit directions with ride-sharing options, as the tech giant aims to make the first or last mile easier. Cyclists will also be able to make use of the feature, offering a transit choice alongside biking.

Google Maps

The update is a move away from Google Maps’ current offering, which was limited to combinations of public transport and walking routes.

This now means that, for example, people looking to return home late on an evening will see a suggestion for a ride-sharing provider once they have hopped off the train, rather than simply telling them to walk it.

Similarly, bike riders commuting to work will be shown a cycling route to the nearest bus stop.

Transit directions paired with ride-sharing will start rolling out on Android and iOS from Tuesday, while biking is expected to start appearing in the following weeks.

Chris Price
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