Bosch developing 3D driver alerts

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Bosch is on a drive to introduce 3D hazard alerts that pop out at motorists.

The German firm is testing passive 3D technology for cars, which means that those behind the wheel will not need to wear special glasses to see the effects in action and does not limit viewers to looking from a specific position.

It believes that 3D displays are the answer to providing drivers with faster visual information that could improve safety on the road.

“The display’s depth of field means drivers can grasp important visual information faster, whether from an assistance system or a traffic-jam alert,” said Dr Steffen Berns, president of Bosch’s Car Multimedia division.

Bosch 3D technology
Bosch says the technology does not require 3D glasses (Bosch/PA)

“Alerts that seem to jump out of the display are much more obvious and urgent.”

The development can also be used to transmit a more realistic rear-view camera image which the company claims will show drivers potential obstacles and give a better idea of the amount space left.

In addition, it could improve navigation guidance by better highlighting navigation landmarks to make turning points clearer to understand.

“Displays are increasingly becoming interactive systems that can better anticipate drivers’s individual needs,” Dr Berns added.

“There is huge business potential for Bosch here.”

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