Virgin Media launches 350Mbps ultrafast broadband


Virgin Media is offering a broadband speed boost with the launch of a service promising speeds of up to 350Mbps from today. Virgin claims this ultrafast connection, the UK’s fastest widely available broadband, will give data-hungry households added oomph and help them live at lightning speed.

Customers already taking VIVID 300 will be automatically transferred onto VIVID 350 at no extra cost. New customers can sign-up online at

With a 350Mbps connection, files, films and games are unbelievably quick to stream and download:

  • Download a standard HD movie file (5GB) in around two minutes, compared to more than 16 minutes on the UK’s average local connection*
  • Download a 25GB console game in around 10 minutes, compared to nearly an hour and a half on the UK’s average local connection

Launching an ultrafast 350Mbps service is the latest in Virgin Media’s programme of giving its customers access to the very best connected entertainment experience alongside the UK’s fastest widely available broadband.  Already this year it has offered its millions of TV customers a free upgrade to its latest 4K-ready V6 TV box.

Says Anthony Vollmer, Executive Director for Connectivity at Virgin Media:

“We’ve always been proud of our network’s speed and for good reason. Our lines bring blazingly fast download speeds which are leagues ahead of those our customers could find elsewhere.  We have been the speed leader since 2007: We intend to remain at the front of the pack.”

Ever since it launched in 2007, Virgin Media claims it has delivering the UK’s fastest widely-available broadband to customers across the UK. Speeds have increased over 15x since the company was founded, with the latest 350Mbps service up to four times as fast as Sky and BT’s fastest widely available speeds.

Chris Price
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