Extend phone photography talents with exchangeable lenses from Lensta

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With the Fisheye Lensta, you can get some pretty interesting results such as this picture of a Springer Spaniel puppy in her crate

I love the iPhone 7, but sometimes smartphone photography can seem a bit limiting creatively, at least compared to digital SLR photography.

While there’s no doubt that phone quality is narrowing the gap on digital SLR photography and there are some great built in effects you can get (ie. panorama mode), the one advantage that digital SLR cameras currently have over smartphones is their flexibility.

If you have a digital SLR camera you can buy dozens of different types of lenses with different apertures and focal lengths, whereas with a smartphone you are stuck with one, or two perhaps if you have an advanced smartphone like the Huawei P10 or the iPhone 7 Plus.

But maybe that’s all about to change. Currently trying to raise $10,000 on crowdfunding website Indiegogo, the Lensta kit comes with three lenses for your iPhone (see below). It’s also packaged with a phone strap of your choice, leather holster bag, lens cap and cleaning pad. The total cost for all this is currently an impressive $119.

The lenses simply screw into the corner of the iPhone case provided above the existing lens. And although the actual case is a a little flimsier than I expected the lenses are actually very good quality – especially for the money.

Here are just some of the pictures we took below although you can see many more on German company Lensta’s Indiegogo page. Full review to follow next week.

All images courtesy of Archie Price, https://www.instagram.com/archiepricephotography/

The three lens are:

Wide angle Lensta:

The wide angle lens solves the problem of limited camera angle width, especially when taking photos from a short distance. Lensta offers a wider angle view of the camera which is ideal for taking photos or videos of landscapes, buildings, groups or to take selfies.

Fisheye Lensta:

This product offers a holistic point of view with panoramic, almost 360 degrees view photos. This super fisheye lens offers an angle that is beyond the capability of the human eye providing extra width on all camera angles. Lensta claims it is perfect for panoramic and artistic pictures of large views like tall buildings although I think it works well with just about anything including the picture of the Springer Spaniel above. 

Macro Lensta:

This is a special magnifying lens for taking photos of very small objects. It equips the phone camera with a zooming factor, allowing it to take photos of peculiar details that the human eye and the iPhone camera zoom factor are often unable to focus in on. It’s great for taking pictures of flowers (see above) or even tiny creatures.

Chris Price
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