Celebrities paid to promote new HTC One M8 “Champions League” model both prefer iPhones instead

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On Sunday HTC is expected to finally reveal the HTC One M9 to the world – so it is curious that today the company has announced a special “Champions League” edition of last year’s phone: The HTC One M8.


The early announcement is some canny PR – if the company kept it secret until Sunday, if anyone even cared about it, the question would be “Why not an M9?”.


The press release says that the phone gives “Unparalleled performance on the pitch”, whatever that means in the context of a mobile phone. It was launched today at a Carphone Warehouse event with Manchester United’s Peter Schmeichel and Arsenal Women’s Goalkeeper Emma Byrne.

What makes it so special? Well it is essentially a standard M8, but with a list of the winners of the Champions League etched into the back.

If you’re not convinced, I can’t blame you – not even Schmeichel and Byrne seem impressed enough to make the switch, having tweeted about the event from, umm, their iPhones:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 13.36.08

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 13.35.00

The new handset will apparently be exclusively available to HTC competition winners following the Arsenal match this evening.

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One thought on “Celebrities paid to promote new HTC One M8 “Champions League” model both prefer iPhones instead

  • If you liked the old HTC One, you’ll like the new HTC One, but the problem for HTC is that not many people bought the old HTC One. The One M8 will be enough to keep the company trucking for another year, but it won’t change its market position.

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